Monday, December 31, 2007


So for our Christmas Dusty and I used our credit card points and got some gift cards to spend on ourselves. We traded in 35k points for $400 in gift cards. $200 to Overstock, $100 to Omaha Steaks and $100 to The only one we have spent so far has been my Nike one. I have been wanting Shox for my Turbo workouts and I am finally getting some! Yay!!

So it took me a long time to decide what colors to get. On the site you pick the design of shoe that you want and then you customize all of the colors on the shoes even down to the laces. :-) I kept going back and forth on basic colors, but Dusty convinced me to go crazy and pick colors that would let people know that I made the shoes!! So.....these are the shoes that I picked!! On the back of them I have etched TURBO GIRL on the backs of my shoes!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Shout Outs!

Birthday Cupcake With Lit Candle --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Happy Birthday, Chauntel!!!

Happy Anniversary, Angela and Reed!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Years Resolutions

I really don't like making "New Years Resolutions." However, there is just something about the new year that really does feel like a renewal of sorts. I make time to plan, set goals and try organize my life in as many areas as possible a lot throughout the year not just in January.

I have talked to a few of you about my site. I am still plugging away at it little by little. Wow is it a lot of writing! That is one of my goals to get live on the Internet this year. Appropriately, I found a few links of home organization here on (where else but) Family Fun.

Organize Your Life!

Some of my other "resolutions" or goals that I have been working on are:
  • Begin teaching Turbo Kick 4 times a week
  • Actually eat vegetables everyday...ok let's not push it......
  • Drink my daily amount of water needed
  • Read at least 15 books per year (I have been a reading maniac these past couple years!)
  • Read the Book of Mormon through again
  • Get "ready for business"
  • Help Dusty expand his business
I tried to pick a few things that I am on track to do so I can be happy about making "New Years Resolutions" when I accomplish them. Accomplishment really does something to you that lights a fire to keep going, try harder and set more goals.

What are some of your resolutions or goals?

Breakfast Recipes

Here is a link to lots of yummy breakfast recipes from Family Fun!

Merry Crhistmas

I know I am a few days lat but I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I missed being with my family, but Rob and Julie took us in as their family this year and we had lots of fun.

I am thankful for the reason that we celebrate Christmas. I am thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ. He lived and died so that we may return to live with Him again. I LOVE the Spirit of Christmas because it is almost a tangible reminder of the birth of our Savior and His humble beginnings. His birth and life is a pattern for us all. I know that He lives. I am thankful that He loves me enough to have left His mighty throne and submit Himself completely to the will of His Father for me.

I love Christmas. I love my family. I love my Savior. Merry Christmas to us all!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Someone emailed me the coolest Christmas light show I have seen. This guy is just an average guy who loves lights, Christmas and technology. He has spent a TON of time and money to put together an amazing show. You drive through this neighborhood and turn your radio to 99.9 FM and you can hear the music that goes with the light display. Dusty and I are going to go this weekend. I will tell you if it is even better in person!

He has the videos online. You can watch them here:

It's a tough one but I think my favorite is Amazing Grace from this year.

What is your favorite?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas stocking

The only stocking I ever remember having was a small Feival stocking I got from McDonalds when I was like 5 years old. I'm talking tiny. You could fit it in the palm of your hand tiny. Stockings just weren't a big part of Christmas. I don't even have any great desire to have stockings because I don't even know what to put in them. Dusty and I have two stockings hanging up right now but last year I put chocolates and little nick nacks in them.

Dusty's family all has really nice name embroidered stocking and he looks forward to it every year and I just tank. I just don't know what the heck to do with them.

We don't need more chocolates.... What are your experiences with stockings? Where they a big part of Christmas? What are some suggestions that we can do with them?

Office Christmas Party

So last Friday I organized my first of two big Christmas parties. The one last Friday was for my work. The one this Friday is for my ward.

Everyone had a great time at the office party. We had lots of food (Mexican food), there were Christmas movies playing, pool table, foose (sp?) ball, basketball court and, of course, the dreaded white elephant gift exchange.

There was a big debate in the office over what white elephant really means and as it turns out I didn't know what it meant. I have since learned that white elephant means wrapping up the most pointless item in your house and bringing it. Pretty much like what Mike and Nathan do for birthdays and Christmas....

Anyway, there were about 60 people there so we divided it up into two white elephant gifts. One for children and one for adults. Obviously I wasn't the only person who didn't know what white elephant was either....some guy brought an iPod. Yes. Someone brought a video iPod nano to the white elephant gift exchange. He ran over and told me about it and I told him not to enter it in. I told him to just take it back and watch the game. He told me to just throw it in the mix and someone will just hit the jackpot.

Well. #13 opened the iPod and couldn't believe her eyes. #14 took it from her. And #15 (me) took it from her and that was that!! I went home with the iPod :-) I actually already have it actually went home with Dusty, but hey, can you say FREE Christmas present :) I sure as heck can!

Dusty and I were laughing so hard because the girl who opened the iPod originally went home with my Dollar Store Christmas decoration and I went home with the iPod she opened up. I don't feel that guilty though because she brought a wrapped up phonebook!

What is the dumbest (or best) white elephant gift you have given or received?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

O Happy Day

  • My Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse book set came in the mail today
  • Dusty and I got back from our midnight Harry Potter DVD movie run and the cashier gave me a Harry Potter Wand Pen :-)

Today was a good day!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Blessing at Old Navy

So Dusty and I were in line buying jeans because we both need them badly...actually he bought his at Kohl's and I went to Old Navy... A lady behind us gave us one of her coupons. It was an employee discount coupon for 20% off our entire order. It was so nice. I had been debating on whether or not to get this jacket/coat that was marked down to $25 and with that discount it was like getting it for free! I was VERY thankful!

That reminded me of mom because she is always doing things like that for strangers and also giving us kids her 15% off at Kohl's.

Alphabet Rock Baby!

I went to mom's class and stayed for a while. She is SUCH a good teacher...though we already know that! It was so much fun just to sit at her desk and watch her teach. I love getting to see her like that.


We woke up this morning to snow and LOTS of it. This picture was taken in the morning. It snowed all day long. I love the first real snow of the season. It was so fun because we went and did our Christmas shopping today and it just really felt like Christmas!

Thanksgiving in Kentucky

Evan's too sexy for his socks

This is a moment that made our family eternally proud....the day Evan decided to be a NASCAR driver.

He was unsure of what to think for a few seconds, but he grabbed the wheel and had a good time with Nathan at Kart Kountry.

He was a force to be reckoned with after the spin around the track. He wanted more!

Momma and Dusty after a BIG Thanksgiving meal!

....still on Kart Kountry crack....

Eli is such a sweet boy! He is so fun!

Evan really looks like he is enjoying himself....

The BEST mom in the whole world and me! I love you momma!!!

This is what Evan and Grandad get to do everyday!

I took a picture anyway.... Blake, Mike and I went shopping while I was home and we had a lot of fun out together. Blake is such a sweet and obedient little boy. He has a Cars radar...ANYTHING that has to do with Cars he can spot in 2 seconds flat! He is ssssssoooo cute!

Day fightin fo day babies rights!!

We were all back in the band room hanging out. Blake and Grammy were on the computer playing a Cars game online. Oh yeah, mom, did you ever beat my score???? :-)

Now this is what you call Baby Einsteins!! Look at that beautiful smile and Evan's concentration!

"Evan, What does a cat say?"

When you ask Evan what a cat says he screams. A LONG high-pitched scream. It's cute!
*sorry for the video skills....

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Gifts

Hey I wanted to ask everyone what they wanted to do this year. Do we want to draw names for siblings or just the kiddos like we did last year. Every one's families just keep growing and I know it's hard to just keep adding to the Christmas list. Dusty and I together have 9 nieces and nephews with 2 on the way and 13 siblings. It will be so much fun though as we have children and our kids will have so many aunts and uncles!

You can either post here or someone just start an email string with everybody included. I know that Dusty and I are down for whatever!

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

We're Baaaaaack!

Well, Dusty and I had a fabulous ride home from Kentucky and we got back tonight! It was an uneventful trip back, but on a car ride I think that's a good thing, right?! I just wanted to say how much Dusty and I loved being there for Thanksgiving. The only thing I regret is not being able to stay longer!!!

I just wanted to let everyone know we were home safe and sound. I will post more on the trip soon.

Love you all!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Since Everyone's Talkin' Smack... (aka Undefeated fo' Life) by Dusty Rhoads

...I might as well start in. I just want everyone to know that I have never been beaten by Amy (or anyone else) at Uno in my life. Anyone who says so is a lie, and is in all other ways, delusional.

So, if y'all little pansy football Gayfest 2000 players think y'all are bad, then let's get it on , Uno DELUXE style, on Turkey Day, baby!!! Bring it! Uh uh! UH UH!!!

--- Dusty Nuggets Rhoads

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Just a note....

There are a lot of new posts....I was bored tonight and decided to catch up. Scroll through and enjoy!!

Mr. There's Not Enough Rice

So last week Dusty and I come home (I think it was from Church) and we were going to have leftovers for lunch. We were warming up stuff to make tacos with. Dusty asked me if it's OK if he had the rice because there wasn't enough for both of us. I said sure that was OK with me. I looked at his plate after he had warmed it up and laughed my butt off. Mr. There's Not Enough Rice had a plate that was half covered in rice! lol lol I didn't care and we both laughed and he realized just how much rice he had...

Pumpkin Carving

I love Halloween. Dusty carved the pumpkin this year. As most of you know he wanted a peanut shaped one so he could draw a face from Corpse Bride. He did it perfectly and it was a lot of fun! He is a really good artist :)

This is our life!

We have our last clutch of snakes hatching out, Dusty's book is coming to a close and I wanted to post some random stuff about snakes on here since even I have snakes on the brain. I have had 3 snake dreams this week!! I am so glad that Dusty is following his dreams and go after what some people would think is the impossible. I love him and all he has done in his life....and what is still to come!

A snake sticking it's little head out for the first time! They have little egg tooths that cut the egg and they make slits and stick their heads out.

This is a snake's umbilical cord. It's yoke that is still attached to the snake and the snake absorbs it over a short period of time.

This is a common scene at my house....the house filled with boxes. This was when Dusty got his new snake rack systems in the mail. We had a date night putting them together :)

This is a snake that just came out of the egg.

This is our new and improved snake room that is organized! Yay! These are the rack systems that work really well for what we do. They hold lots of snakes and take up minimal room. Our room is equipped to hold 124 snakes easy (we are well on our way there....) and the room could even squeeze in more!

This is actually a picture I took after Dusty hollered for me to come quick. These are two teeth that we pulled out of Dusty's thumb. The snake mistook Dusty's finger for a mouse and WHAM!! Two teeth are stuck in Dusty's hand. We pulled them out and took a close up. This will appear in the book I think. It isn't an aggressive snake, it just felt the warmth of Dusty's body and thought it was food!

I Passed! I Passed!!

I got an email the other day telling me that I passed both the practical and written tests of Turbo Kick :) Yay! Now it's time for practice, education, energy and starting classes. I am going to start a Church first and get used to teaching and then start applying at gyms and stuff.

I will keep you all posted on the progress!!!

Halloween Fun at Work

So my work had everyone dress up for Halloween and I broke out the old Can-O-Soup costume. That costume brings back a lot of FUN memories. I had to put the games and lunch together at work. We played Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin (office style). I had someone draw a huge pumpkin on the white board with a face minus the nose. Then we spun people around and they took a dry erase marker and tried to draw the nose. We also played the HALLOWEEN word scramble where you try to make as many words as you can from the word HALLOWEEN. I also found a really cool Halloween Taboo on the Internet. I printed the cards off on cardstock and we played that one too. It was really fun. I also had things like a Mummy Wrap with toilet paper game and Halloween pictionary game planned but we didn't get to everything.

The Five Languages of Love

This is the last book that our little book club read. I have to say that it was one of my favorites. It really has altered my thoughts and feelings towards the expression of love in so many ways and so quickly. It was a very easy book to read and grasp the concept.

The concept of the book is that all people express love in different ways and it's not likely that you and your spouse express the same "love language". This clash of needs/expressions can create a "battlefield" in your marriage simply because of the misunderstanding of the other spouse's needs. I think the author did an excellent job of narrowing down the possible love languages out there. Chapman states that people want or express love in 5 different ways: Words of Affirmation, Gifts, Acts of Service, Physical Touch and Quality Time. There re dialects or sub-categories within each language but these are the primary categories.

The book was full of examples and analogies and insightful questions so that you can figure out your love language. It gave several different examples of couples who literally couldn't stand each other, were on the brink of divorce etc. and this concept, regardless of how basic it sounds, was able to turn their marriage around. The book is a quest for you to find out your needs (in terms of what you "need" from your spouse) and how you would like your spouse to express love to you. It also helps you see that the way you are currently expressing love to your spouse is probably not in line with their "love language" but it's probably the way you want love expressed to you.

Chapman uses the example of a love tank. In a lot of marriages love tanks are empty. Couples think that they have fallen out of love with one another. Or couples think that the other spouse doesn't love them, doesn't care about them, isn't doing enough etc. etc. etc. and that causes friction and hurt.

One of the techniques used in the book was for the reader to think back about the requests (or naggings) that you have made of your spouse in the past.

Are you asking for more time with just the two of you? (quality time)
Are you asking for help in the house? (acts of service)
Are you asking to hold hands or hug more? (physical touch)
Do you like little notes left for you around the house or flowers brought to you just because? (gifts)
Do you want to hear how good you did on a project etc.? How pretty you are? (words of affirmation)

Each person probably does one of this things more than the others. This main category of your requests of your spouse is more than likely your love language. Your spouse on the other hand probably has a different love language and doesn't necessarily ignore your request but things that his/her idea would be a better way of expressing love so they do it their way. Both have good intentions but the "love tanks" are still empty and the message isn't getting through to either.

Find out your love language, have a discussion with your spouse and find out your spouses love language and watch the transformation in your marriage. I seriously believe the message of this book. I think it can be a powerful tool in healing marriages or just improving the companionship of a marriage and helping each other feel empowered, loved and a full "love tank".

Ways to sneak vegetables into kids (or adults) foods!

Here are some links that I found while searching tonight that try to incorporate veggies in foods for picky eaters! I hope some of them help. The first links are books and then there are article links below.


Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food (Spiral-bound)

The Sneaky Chef: Simple Strategies for Hiding Healthy Foods in Kids Favorite Meals

Disney's Family Cookbook: Irresistible Recipes for You and Your Kids

Kid Favorites Made Healthy: 150 Delicious Recipes Kids Can't Resist (Better Homes & Gardens)

FamilyFun Kitchen: Super Snacks (Familyfun)

Here are a few links of articles too:

What things have worked for you all?

Holiday Countdown

I love anything that will help me get organized, especially for the holidays! Here is another little Holiday Countdown helper from Kraft Foods site. Do all of you ladies get their quarterly FREE magazine?? If not sign up now!! I LOVE IT!! I always read through it the second I get it. The holidays magazine that just came in the mail is one of my favorites I have gotten from them!

Holiday Countdown

Sign Up for Weekly Recipes Emailed to you

Visit the Holiday How To Center

Sign up for the FREE Food and Family magazine

They have a fun site so check it out and see if it can make your life a little easier!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

My Latest Pampered Chef Toy

As many of you know I started out in my marriage with much more Pampered Chef things than I otherwise would have had because I had a Pampered Chef Bridal Shower that was SO MUCH FUN!! Well, I LOVE PC stuff. One of the many things that I love from PC is my chopper.

One day Dusty was getting some dishes out and he dropped and broke it. I was devastated at first because it cost like $25-30 and I didn't want to get another one. After saving the pieces and trying to have my dad fix it I decided that it was time to throw it away. Just before I was about to throw it away I remembered that some of the items have a lifetime guarantee on it. I found my receipts for it, contacted PC and they sent me out a new chopper!! Yay! I was so excited and from then on I am a loyal customer. I love their products and trust that everything they put out will be great. I have a PC wish list a mile long....

Anyway, last time I was home Lissa had a PC party and I got a garlic press :) I LOVE it! You don't have to peel the garlic. You pop it in, press it out and you are done. I HATED to chop garlic so I didn't add it to anything and skipped recipes that told me to put it in there. Now I have expanded my dinner vocabulary and use it a lot. It preses ginger too.

What is your favorite PC item?? I have a ton of favorites and a ton on my list....what's on your wish list??

Michael's HAPPY PANTS, by Jason Logsdon

Shopping for school supplies was so much fun as a lad

Except for poor Michael who’s waistline was bad

We would all pile in the car and head to JC Penny’s

Then off to another department for Michael because we couldn’t find any

Year after year it was more of the same

Our dear Mom had no one to blame

You see, at that time in fashion for young men

Was a branded letter, not S, M, L, XL or even “N”

The small leather tag on the back of Michael’s jeans

Would lead to school kids being nasty and mean

Michael came home crying from school one day

Mom was there to console her little boy and asked, “tell me, what did they say!”

Michael replied, “Mom, you were wrong about my pants,”

This big “H” on my pants doesn’t mean I’m “Happy” and ready to dance

Well, the truth was out and Michael finally knew

That the “H” on his pants meant that he just grew and just grew

It’s OK, Mike, because we all love you too We’ll help you get geared for Shaq’s Big Challenge, Season Two!

Happy 28th!!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007

It's all fun and games until.....

OK. This is a quick little side note. So, I was sore for 3 full days after my Turbo Kick certification. I didn't work out at all even though I knew I needed to.

Dusty looked at me and said, "Girl you best do Turbo Jam or else yo butt will be Turbo Haaaaaam!" I just laughed so hard. It sounded straight up like something Mike, Jason or Jeremy would say.

**When did Mike start saying ham like that anyway? Was it at Thanksgiving? Whenever it was Dusty says it like that all the time. Heck so does mom, Lissa and me.....**

My Turbo Kick Certicifation Experience!

Wow! Wow! Wow! What a day. Last Saturday I drove up to Layton, UT for my Turbo Kick certification. Turbo Kick is the live version of Turbo Jam. I love it! I absolutely love it! It makes you feel so powerful and tones your body like nothing else that I have done. The music is powerful, motivating, helps you let loose and helps me, the instructor, get into it and pump up the class--and myself! It's kick boxing, martial arts and hip hop rolled into one. Dusty often tells me it was made for me. I love all three of these elements and I have a blast doing them.

I love to teach, especially dance. I know I get this from my mother. When she is in the spotlight, she shines so bright; no wonder her name is Starr :) I am a different person when I teach. I love to have a connection with my students. I love to feed off of their energy and give them a little of my own ;) I love to motivate. I love to see results in myself and those in my class. I love to push it to the next level. I love to see how far I can go, what would happen if I go a little bit further.....push a little bit harder... When I am in my element I feel like I am the person I want to be.

These feelings and experiences I have had from teaching dance is what ultimately got me to go for the Turbo Kick certification. Tonight I was doing one of the Turbo Jam home videos and I kept thinking that "Now I am the instructor. What am I going to give my students? ENERGY!!" I was able to push through it so much better now that I have a goal and direction. Whenever I get my class(es) they will be looking up to me and I owe it to them to give it my absolute very best every day whether I am teaching them or not.

My instructor last Saturday gave me just that--her all! She had energy bursting through her toes and finger tips. She had so much stamina, energy, form and FUN!! The workouts, no matter how difficult they are, are FUN!! As a teacher it is not only my responsibility to teach my students, it is my responsibility to entertain them as well. Encourage them. Motivate them.

I started out last Saturday in tears because I got lost. :( The directions I had were confusing and the place was very hard to find and I ended up being like 45 mins late!!!!! I called Dusty crying and asked him to say a prayer for me and within a few minutes I found it. I felt so stressed out my body literally felt like I had gotten the flu or a bad cold from the stress of being late and getting lost. My joints ached, my head was pounding with a headache and my body felt so heavy. I got registered and my instructor was already doing a lecture but she welcomed me with a smile and made sure she new my name and I started to feel a bit better. I started to feel a lot better when 3 other girls showed up later than I did!! I felt bad for them too because I knew what they had just went through but happy it wasn't just me.

After a little bit of lecture we went through breathing, form and technique and punches, kicks and signature moves. Over and over and over again as our instructor went through giving advice to people and encouragement. We went right in to learning our first Round. a Round the live version of what a 60 min video would be. The Round is what I will teach to my students. 60 mins of non stop, no-holds-bar workout. It was great. Wow was it tough but it was great. Afterwards we had a quick lunch of about 35 mins and then back to the grind.

We were then divided up into groups and each group took turns getting in front of the class and instructor and teaching our segment to the others. It was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be. You have to make sure that your energy is high. You need to be careful of the pitch of your voice and make sure it's not too high and annoying. You need to make sure you aren't saying a lot of words when you cue your students to the next move and confuse them. You need to learn when and how to make your visual and verbal cues so students can easily transition into the next move. There is a lot to remember! Everyone kept messing up but that was OK. It was a good experience for all of us. When it was our groups turn there for a while no one was cuing so I just started to do it. I was messing up a little but I was proud of myself for just stepping up and not being nervous and just willing to learn. It was great...and an eye opener! Wow! It was hard.

After that we got our lesson on music utilization, teaching on the 32 ct phrase, cuing, making your class FUN and a lot more. It was a lot to take in in one day. I will never stop learning! I want to be the best instructor I can be and those kinds of instructors learn something new and get a little better each day!

After more review of form and technique it was time to do Round 31 again, but this time we would be judged. We were lined up in rows and the music was turned on. When you are in the front row you are being judged and you had better be doing your very best. Holy cow!!! 60 mins of giving it your all!!! It was great!

I got one compliment when she was standing in front of me she told me I had awesome kicks!! Yay! She said it like 3 times :) That was a big compliment to me. It was towards the very end of the day and I was trying so hard. That made me feel good.

After the practical test we had to take a written test. The test wasn't that hard because if you were paying attention to stuff throughout the day it's really just a repeat of what you learned that day. There seemed to be a few trick questions so it needs to be read carefully. By the time I got to take the written test my body was in overdrive and I had a real hard time concentrating on what I was reading. It was one of those tests where you had a question sheet and an answer sheet. I always think that I marked the wrong letter when I have to mark another sheet but I am sure I did fine. I always freak out like that :)

Afterwards I stayed around and talked to the instructor (she told me I did a great job) and other people that were there certifying. I also bought 2 pairs of workout pants and 2 belts. I will have to show you pictures I LOVE them.

After my BIG day I made my journey home for 1.5 hours. I called a few people to spill the beans about my day...........and just Dusty was home. Dusty was laughing and said that sounds like his life. Your triumphant news and no one is there to hear it. lol He said it reminded him of his mission. When he got home from 2 years of being away his family was 2 hours late to come pick him up!!! To this day I have that image of him sitting next to all his belongings in an empty parking lot....SAD!!

Anyway. I am so looking forward to learning and teaching and getting better with every class. Maybe when I come and visit you we can do a class together :) I have a long way to go to be a good instructor. I even have a long way to go before I teach my first class....but what I LOVE about teaching Turbo is that it's almost like I just bought my own little franchise. I purchase Rounds and that consists of the music perfectly mixed, a DVD to teach me the pre-choreographed moves and written choreography. Awesome!! All of the guess work is taken from me and I just learn it and deliver a powerful class to my students. You have the freedom to modify where you want within certain guidelines but it is just awesome to just have all of that done for you and you just buy a round, learn it and teach it!

I really want to have an active lifestyle and this will definitely help me achieve that! Please keep on encouraging me and helping me to always do better. I am so glad that I made the decision to do Turbo Kick and I am thankful for all of your support.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Comfort Food Recipes

OK. Here is the last recipe link. It's from, of course, Family Fun! I love their site. I am on it all the time. You can create an online recipe box to keep all of your favorites in. Here are some soups and perfect foods for the fall / winter season!

Halloween recipes

OK. I know it is a little late but I wanted to share this link with. It's from Family Fun and it has tons of really cute ideas for foods at Halloween parties.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

Last night Dusty and I went with some friends down to a Apple Farm and Pumpkin Patch for Family Home Evening. It was so much fun. We went on a hayride out to the pumpkin patch and picked pumpkins and took a hayride back. They had a really neat little country store an it was so much fun. The mountains and sunset were absolutely gorgeous and it was SO COLD! Everyone was bundled up but it really felt like it was Halloween. And to me that just makes it feel like the holidays are here already. I LOVE this time of year.

Dusty said he wanted a pumpkin shaped like a peanut or a pear.....I thought he was kidding. The first pumpkin I saw was exactly like a peanut and he ran over to it and picked it up. "Let's get this one." That's what happens when you tell husbands they can have whatever pumpkin they want. Somehow they have a radar for the most retarded one. I didn't care though. It was fun.

Anyway, we actually found one that was more deformed than the one we first saw. So, alas, here is our twisted pumpkin. I think it would make a great witches face or a ghost. Dusty thinks it should be a skull and cross bones. What do you think it would look good as?

Afterwards we went back to our neighbors house and had soup in bread bowls and then ice cream and homemade chocolate spiderwebs on top for dessert while we watched Hocus Pocus. It was so much fun! It still floors me that I am living in Utah sometimes. Local businesses have Family Home Evening specials on Monday nights because so many families around here do FHE. It was so packed last night at hayride because it was Monday night and people were there for FHE.

Take a look at the pics and tell us what you think we should carve or paint our pumpkin as.....

tUrBo KiCk CoUnTdOwN!!!!!

I am asking for a little bit of prayers this week as I prepare to do my thang this Saturday at my Turbo Kick certification. I am getting butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it. 10 - 12 hours of Turbo!! Awww yeeaaahh.

Things I am hoping for:
  1. I get there on time
  2. I can show confidence and personality/showmanship I have learned through dance
  3. I can learn the cuing and teaching techniques great
  4. I will have the stamina it takes
  5. I will get GOLD certification....BUT at least pass :)
  6. and of course............I hope I don't pass out.....................seriously....................
Thanks to everybody for showing so much faith in me with this. It really does make all of the difference. I have been watching other turbo kick instructor videos on You Tube (we finally upgraded our Internet service so we can now get the You Tube channel here in :) I just hope that I can have a balance in my teaching style that is not annoying. Holy moly seeing some of those instructors made me want to punch them. I hope I don't get punched out from one of my classes. There are some great instructors out there too.

I went into Gold's Gym the other day and asked about their application process etc. and got a schedule of their classes they teach......8 Turbo Kick classes already! WOW! I told the guy what I was getting certified in and he was like "Those classes are really hot." I was thinking about starting an exercise group at our Church for a month or so after getting certified to get me used to teaching in front of people and then start to go out and apply for places because then I could really feel confident.

Anyway, what I love about this is that it really is fun. It totally doesn't feel like a workout. DON'T GET ME WRONG it kicks your butt but I have been reading some instructor materials and it just focuses so much on creating an atmosphere of a party in your classroom. Motivating people, teaching great form and technique but always having fun!

Wish me luck!! It is going to be a blast!!! I will blog all about my experience next week. Who knows maybe when I come to visit you next we can do a class :)

Holiday Planner from Family Fun

There are some really good holiday planners and organizers out there that you can buy that will organize you for the holidays but cost around $50 or so. I found one on Family Fun that you can download and create in your own 3-ringed binder for free. It looks really great and it even has a section that the other planners don't and that's the holiday memories section. Since I have been scrapbooking a lot more I have been journaling on my pages and capturing the memories makes those scrapbooking pages so much more meaningful to me. Even if you don't scrapbook capturing the memories and posting on our blogs and everything mean so much to the others that read them.

Check out the Amazing Holiday Planner and see if it meets your needs. Even if you are not having a Christmas party it looks like a big time saver and organizer. Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Google Recipe Search is finally here!

Try it out. I think this will be a great way to more effectively use Google for recipe searches. That is where I usually go if I am trying to find a recipe. Then if I don't find it within a few searches I will try some of my favorite places like Family Fun, Meals Matter, Food Network, Everday Meals, Everyday Food. Then there are your standards like All Recipes, Cooking....

Am I missing any good ones that should be on the list? I LOVE recipes. Which sites are your favs?

DO NOT Call List

All cell phone numbers are being released to the National Telemarketers TODAY. If you would like to block these from your cell phone you can call 888-382 -1222. (You must call from the cell phone you want to have blocked).

OR you can go here: and you can add your phone number online.

Have you or someone you've known ever had a telemarketing job? Did they hate it as much as we hate them calling?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Amy's on the front page!

So my friend wrote an article for the front page of the Life and Style section of the Daily Herald and I was asked to be the exercise model for the paper. I said yes and had fun doing it. They day that the paper came out I went to a newspaper stand to buy a copy and leaned over to make sure it was the right paper and I was right there on the front cover of the whole newspaper! It took like 30 second for it to dawn on me that that was me. I was on the cover of the paper and then the front page of Life and Style. It was fun!

Jeremy's Visit to Utah!

Jeremy and Dusty rockin out! I guess Jeremy took Makayla's advice and learned a ton of songs. He had all kinds of songs to sing and play for us. Then Dusty joined it and rocked the house!

Jeremy and Rob's daughter Kylie. **OK** Correction... Jeremy holding Robert and Julie Roundy's child, Kylie..... (better?)... Isn't she ADORABLE. She is just precious. Her checks are always rosy like that and she just makes your heart melt. She loved the guitar too...

Jeremy and Amo right before he left.

Jeremy got a chance to spend the night with us a few weeks ago. He came up here for work and we went over to Rob and Julie Roundy's place ate pizza, laughed a lot and Jeremy and Dusty serenaded us. It was a lot of fun to hang out together. Then we went to Sonic for some slushies (wow....that took a long time....) and then he was off the next morning!! It was fun while it lasted. We will see you guys in Dallas in February!!!

Kentucky Trip Pictures! (more coming)

Sunflowers remind me of me and Melissa because we planted them in our backyard one day when we were bored. When I saw these it reminded me of my eternal sister!! I love you Melissa.

As you all probably know mom's favorite song is Rockerfella Skank by Fat Boy Slim. I hooked them up with iTunes and got it for her. She was rockin out NONSTOP after she got that burnt on a CD. She was out of control!! CHECK IT OUT NOW.....

Blake showing me his pearly whites after he kept frowning in pictures. He looked at a picture and saw his frown so agreed to smile once!

Blake was showing us how he does tractor tippin!

Eli finally warmed up to me....the day before I left!

We saw these at the zoo. Dusty and I are addicted to the show Meerkat Manor. They were being so cute.

He's too sexy for his friends. :)

You get special treatment when you are going to be a published author :) Dusty was asking this guy some questions at the zoo and he was treating him like any other guy that has questions. After I nonchalantly mention that Dusty was publishing a book about these animals we were promptly taken "behind the scenes" and given a tour.