Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Colton at 6 months!

I am coming to understand more deeply the phrase, "Enjoy every minute of it because they grow so fast!" I can't believe that we are at the 6 month mark! Everyday is a new adventure. We have so much going on and every night I flop in bed exhausted from ALL that went on in my day. Colton is so much fun. He is ALWAYS down for a good time. Here are a few things about Colton on his 6 month birthday!

  • smiles all the time
  • LOVES to laugh
  • grabbing and pinching at my face and hair ALL the time
  • he can sit up VERY good on his own now
  • loves to tear up the junk mail everyday when we go get the mail
  • he is in L.O.V.E with Ellie from the movie UP
  • favorite song for mommy to sing is itsy bitsy spider
  • he has TWO teeth
  • he bit me for the first time tonight while nursing
  • we might stop nursing after tonight...hahaha
  • he is starting to drink from his sippy cup
  • he has started solids: rice, oatmeal, applesauce, banana, pears, green beans, peas, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, (likes to suck the juice out of watermelon)
  • gets frustrated if he doesn't have a washcloth to suck on at bath time
  • is up on his hands and knees rocking back and forth
  • army crawls; especially on our bed
  • has a B.I.G personality
  • will let me know in a flash what he likes and doesn't like
  • LOVES TV....need to break that eventually!
  • does FAST 360s on his belly trying to get toys
  • loves to be outside or in stores etc.
  • smiles at people and then buries his head in my shoulder
  • snuggling with me helps him sleep; I secretly love it but I would love it a lot more if I could sleep in the next morning cause I get no sleep!
  • loves the water still; can't wait to take him to a pool
  • still awake!! :-) He has been up for 5+ hours and he is NOT tired. Have tried everything and he is just up playing...what are ya gonna do? Blog! I mean, seriously, how can you not be in love with that face?!?!

I love my son so much and feel so blessed every day to have him in my family. It is so much work being a mother and all of the other roles I must call my own. It is so worth it and can only imagine how it will grow from here. Colton has such a sweet and adventurous spirit. I am proud to call him mine. I love you, Colton. Happy 6 months!