Monday, December 31, 2007


So for our Christmas Dusty and I used our credit card points and got some gift cards to spend on ourselves. We traded in 35k points for $400 in gift cards. $200 to Overstock, $100 to Omaha Steaks and $100 to The only one we have spent so far has been my Nike one. I have been wanting Shox for my Turbo workouts and I am finally getting some! Yay!!

So it took me a long time to decide what colors to get. On the site you pick the design of shoe that you want and then you customize all of the colors on the shoes even down to the laces. :-) I kept going back and forth on basic colors, but Dusty convinced me to go crazy and pick colors that would let people know that I made the shoes!! So.....these are the shoes that I picked!! On the back of them I have etched TURBO GIRL on the backs of my shoes!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Shout Outs!

Birthday Cupcake With Lit Candle --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Happy Birthday, Chauntel!!!

Happy Anniversary, Angela and Reed!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Years Resolutions

I really don't like making "New Years Resolutions." However, there is just something about the new year that really does feel like a renewal of sorts. I make time to plan, set goals and try organize my life in as many areas as possible a lot throughout the year not just in January.

I have talked to a few of you about my site. I am still plugging away at it little by little. Wow is it a lot of writing! That is one of my goals to get live on the Internet this year. Appropriately, I found a few links of home organization here on (where else but) Family Fun.

Organize Your Life!

Some of my other "resolutions" or goals that I have been working on are:
  • Begin teaching Turbo Kick 4 times a week
  • Actually eat vegetables everyday...ok let's not push it......
  • Drink my daily amount of water needed
  • Read at least 15 books per year (I have been a reading maniac these past couple years!)
  • Read the Book of Mormon through again
  • Get "ready for business"
  • Help Dusty expand his business
I tried to pick a few things that I am on track to do so I can be happy about making "New Years Resolutions" when I accomplish them. Accomplishment really does something to you that lights a fire to keep going, try harder and set more goals.

What are some of your resolutions or goals?

Breakfast Recipes

Here is a link to lots of yummy breakfast recipes from Family Fun!

Merry Crhistmas

I know I am a few days lat but I wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I missed being with my family, but Rob and Julie took us in as their family this year and we had lots of fun.

I am thankful for the reason that we celebrate Christmas. I am thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ. He lived and died so that we may return to live with Him again. I LOVE the Spirit of Christmas because it is almost a tangible reminder of the birth of our Savior and His humble beginnings. His birth and life is a pattern for us all. I know that He lives. I am thankful that He loves me enough to have left His mighty throne and submit Himself completely to the will of His Father for me.

I love Christmas. I love my family. I love my Savior. Merry Christmas to us all!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Someone emailed me the coolest Christmas light show I have seen. This guy is just an average guy who loves lights, Christmas and technology. He has spent a TON of time and money to put together an amazing show. You drive through this neighborhood and turn your radio to 99.9 FM and you can hear the music that goes with the light display. Dusty and I are going to go this weekend. I will tell you if it is even better in person!

He has the videos online. You can watch them here:

It's a tough one but I think my favorite is Amazing Grace from this year.

What is your favorite?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas stocking

The only stocking I ever remember having was a small Feival stocking I got from McDonalds when I was like 5 years old. I'm talking tiny. You could fit it in the palm of your hand tiny. Stockings just weren't a big part of Christmas. I don't even have any great desire to have stockings because I don't even know what to put in them. Dusty and I have two stockings hanging up right now but last year I put chocolates and little nick nacks in them.

Dusty's family all has really nice name embroidered stocking and he looks forward to it every year and I just tank. I just don't know what the heck to do with them.

We don't need more chocolates.... What are your experiences with stockings? Where they a big part of Christmas? What are some suggestions that we can do with them?

Office Christmas Party

So last Friday I organized my first of two big Christmas parties. The one last Friday was for my work. The one this Friday is for my ward.

Everyone had a great time at the office party. We had lots of food (Mexican food), there were Christmas movies playing, pool table, foose (sp?) ball, basketball court and, of course, the dreaded white elephant gift exchange.

There was a big debate in the office over what white elephant really means and as it turns out I didn't know what it meant. I have since learned that white elephant means wrapping up the most pointless item in your house and bringing it. Pretty much like what Mike and Nathan do for birthdays and Christmas....

Anyway, there were about 60 people there so we divided it up into two white elephant gifts. One for children and one for adults. Obviously I wasn't the only person who didn't know what white elephant was either....some guy brought an iPod. Yes. Someone brought a video iPod nano to the white elephant gift exchange. He ran over and told me about it and I told him not to enter it in. I told him to just take it back and watch the game. He told me to just throw it in the mix and someone will just hit the jackpot.

Well. #13 opened the iPod and couldn't believe her eyes. #14 took it from her. And #15 (me) took it from her and that was that!! I went home with the iPod :-) I actually already have it actually went home with Dusty, but hey, can you say FREE Christmas present :) I sure as heck can!

Dusty and I were laughing so hard because the girl who opened the iPod originally went home with my Dollar Store Christmas decoration and I went home with the iPod she opened up. I don't feel that guilty though because she brought a wrapped up phonebook!

What is the dumbest (or best) white elephant gift you have given or received?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

O Happy Day

  • My Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse book set came in the mail today
  • Dusty and I got back from our midnight Harry Potter DVD movie run and the cashier gave me a Harry Potter Wand Pen :-)

Today was a good day!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Blessing at Old Navy

So Dusty and I were in line buying jeans because we both need them badly...actually he bought his at Kohl's and I went to Old Navy... A lady behind us gave us one of her coupons. It was an employee discount coupon for 20% off our entire order. It was so nice. I had been debating on whether or not to get this jacket/coat that was marked down to $25 and with that discount it was like getting it for free! I was VERY thankful!

That reminded me of mom because she is always doing things like that for strangers and also giving us kids her 15% off at Kohl's.

Alphabet Rock Baby!

I went to mom's class and stayed for a while. She is SUCH a good teacher...though we already know that! It was so much fun just to sit at her desk and watch her teach. I love getting to see her like that.


We woke up this morning to snow and LOTS of it. This picture was taken in the morning. It snowed all day long. I love the first real snow of the season. It was so fun because we went and did our Christmas shopping today and it just really felt like Christmas!

Thanksgiving in Kentucky

Evan's too sexy for his socks

This is a moment that made our family eternally proud....the day Evan decided to be a NASCAR driver.

He was unsure of what to think for a few seconds, but he grabbed the wheel and had a good time with Nathan at Kart Kountry.

He was a force to be reckoned with after the spin around the track. He wanted more!

Momma and Dusty after a BIG Thanksgiving meal!

....still on Kart Kountry crack....

Eli is such a sweet boy! He is so fun!

Evan really looks like he is enjoying himself....

The BEST mom in the whole world and me! I love you momma!!!

This is what Evan and Grandad get to do everyday!

I took a picture anyway.... Blake, Mike and I went shopping while I was home and we had a lot of fun out together. Blake is such a sweet and obedient little boy. He has a Cars radar...ANYTHING that has to do with Cars he can spot in 2 seconds flat! He is ssssssoooo cute!

Day fightin fo day babies rights!!

We were all back in the band room hanging out. Blake and Grammy were on the computer playing a Cars game online. Oh yeah, mom, did you ever beat my score???? :-)

Now this is what you call Baby Einsteins!! Look at that beautiful smile and Evan's concentration!

"Evan, What does a cat say?"

When you ask Evan what a cat says he screams. A LONG high-pitched scream. It's cute!
*sorry for the video skills....