Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Life Lessons from Lightening McQueen

He's not really a biter, but has chomped a few arms in his time. It never hurts to learn it again! 

He was SO MUDDY this picture doesn't do it justice. We had fun though. 

These are Mr Potato Head glasses...

Besides Lightening McQueen trains are the next best thing!

Loves to go splash in puddles and I actually have fun too! Why not?!

Sunday clothes from cousin Evan. He looked so sharp but he would NOT sit still to comb his hair or leave his shirt tucked in. What is up with that and boys?

He got up on the counter and was drinking agave nectar like a bottle! lol

I just realized that when I am talking to Colton and persuading him to do what I want him to do, I just have to mention that Lightening McQueen does it. Last night for example I couldn't get him to take some medicine so I put in in a cup with a straw and had Lightening McQueen drink it instead and then he wanted more! lol I do that all the time though. He L.O.V.E.S. cars the movie and just cars in general. He is such a sweet little guy who is all boy and loves to explore and just LIVE. Colton walks around the house saying, "Mater funny. Queen chow chow."

Colton is such a great example to me in so many ways and although it's hard to get jack done in the house, he loves to be with me all of the time. We go everywhere and do everything together and it's just a blast. I do take (and need) my me time but I just love being with him. It makes me sad that we aren't around family everyday but blogs and facebook are the next best thing I guess!

He has been playing the, "where do it go? there it is" game and is so funny! We go outside all of the time but now it's, "watch" constantly. He would watch movie after movie but if I tell him we are going outside he'll jump up and go. I love seeing him learn new words, want to help me with cooking, cleaning...he's just such a little man.

Muah! Colton. I can't believe you are two in just a couple months!