Saturday, December 01, 2007

Thanksgiving in Kentucky

Evan's too sexy for his socks

This is a moment that made our family eternally proud....the day Evan decided to be a NASCAR driver.

He was unsure of what to think for a few seconds, but he grabbed the wheel and had a good time with Nathan at Kart Kountry.

He was a force to be reckoned with after the spin around the track. He wanted more!

Momma and Dusty after a BIG Thanksgiving meal!

....still on Kart Kountry crack....

Eli is such a sweet boy! He is so fun!

Evan really looks like he is enjoying himself....

The BEST mom in the whole world and me! I love you momma!!!

This is what Evan and Grandad get to do everyday!

I took a picture anyway.... Blake, Mike and I went shopping while I was home and we had a lot of fun out together. Blake is such a sweet and obedient little boy. He has a Cars radar...ANYTHING that has to do with Cars he can spot in 2 seconds flat! He is ssssssoooo cute!

Day fightin fo day babies rights!!

We were all back in the band room hanging out. Blake and Grammy were on the computer playing a Cars game online. Oh yeah, mom, did you ever beat my score???? :-)

Now this is what you call Baby Einsteins!! Look at that beautiful smile and Evan's concentration!

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