Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kentucky Trip Pictures! (more coming)

Sunflowers remind me of me and Melissa because we planted them in our backyard one day when we were bored. When I saw these it reminded me of my eternal sister!! I love you Melissa.

As you all probably know mom's favorite song is Rockerfella Skank by Fat Boy Slim. I hooked them up with iTunes and got it for her. She was rockin out NONSTOP after she got that burnt on a CD. She was out of control!! CHECK IT OUT NOW.....

Blake showing me his pearly whites after he kept frowning in pictures. He looked at a picture and saw his frown so agreed to smile once!

Blake was showing us how he does tractor tippin!

Eli finally warmed up to me....the day before I left!

We saw these at the zoo. Dusty and I are addicted to the show Meerkat Manor. They were being so cute.

He's too sexy for his friends. :)

You get special treatment when you are going to be a published author :) Dusty was asking this guy some questions at the zoo and he was treating him like any other guy that has questions. After I nonchalantly mention that Dusty was publishing a book about these animals we were promptly taken "behind the scenes" and given a tour.


Angela said...

Whats the resolution of that sunflower picture? Is it good enough to make into a 5x7 or 8x10 clearly? b/c if so send me the file so I can print it honey!

Anonymous said...


I like the pic of you petting Amy's head. She has a long neck.


Chauntel said...

I really think you need to be home when we're home. I didn't even know there was anything to do in louisville besides gatti land. :) Besides we don't get to see you enough.

Anonymous said...

One time I went to Subway and asked them about the different sandwiches that they had and then mentioned how I wanted to someday publish a book about the different sandwiches they had, but they didn't let me go behind the counter.