Sunday, November 11, 2007

This is our life!

We have our last clutch of snakes hatching out, Dusty's book is coming to a close and I wanted to post some random stuff about snakes on here since even I have snakes on the brain. I have had 3 snake dreams this week!! I am so glad that Dusty is following his dreams and go after what some people would think is the impossible. I love him and all he has done in his life....and what is still to come!

A snake sticking it's little head out for the first time! They have little egg tooths that cut the egg and they make slits and stick their heads out.

This is a snake's umbilical cord. It's yoke that is still attached to the snake and the snake absorbs it over a short period of time.

This is a common scene at my house....the house filled with boxes. This was when Dusty got his new snake rack systems in the mail. We had a date night putting them together :)

This is a snake that just came out of the egg.

This is our new and improved snake room that is organized! Yay! These are the rack systems that work really well for what we do. They hold lots of snakes and take up minimal room. Our room is equipped to hold 124 snakes easy (we are well on our way there....) and the room could even squeeze in more!

This is actually a picture I took after Dusty hollered for me to come quick. These are two teeth that we pulled out of Dusty's thumb. The snake mistook Dusty's finger for a mouse and WHAM!! Two teeth are stuck in Dusty's hand. We pulled them out and took a close up. This will appear in the book I think. It isn't an aggressive snake, it just felt the warmth of Dusty's body and thought it was food!


Angela said...

Haven't you had those containers for like 2 years because it has been at least that long since I've been over....Anyway these are cool!

Amy Sue said...

yeah we had a rack but we got 3 more!

Dusty Rhoads said...

we had three of the black racks a year ago, and we just got three more. I'm sure Angela, that you remember that white melamine rack from when we moved...that thing was a beast and a half to get on to the moving truck.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive smessive, kill em all.