Monday, December 31, 2007


So for our Christmas Dusty and I used our credit card points and got some gift cards to spend on ourselves. We traded in 35k points for $400 in gift cards. $200 to Overstock, $100 to Omaha Steaks and $100 to The only one we have spent so far has been my Nike one. I have been wanting Shox for my Turbo workouts and I am finally getting some! Yay!!

So it took me a long time to decide what colors to get. On the site you pick the design of shoe that you want and then you customize all of the colors on the shoes even down to the laces. :-) I kept going back and forth on basic colors, but Dusty convinced me to go crazy and pick colors that would let people know that I made the shoes!! So.....these are the shoes that I picked!! On the back of them I have etched TURBO GIRL on the backs of my shoes!


Anonymous said...

One word


Do you also have your name in your underwear?


Anonymous said...

Mike's a DORK I think they are cool


Anonymous said...

Two words for Michael's shoes:

Get Off!
Too Heavy!
Tilt Tilt
Can't Breathe
Ouch Ouch
Smelly Feet
Odor Eaters

I've got plenty more.

Peace out Jason

Anonymous said...

Turbo Princess !! analia