Sunday, February 14, 2010

Colton: 2 months

Dusty thinks he looks like the fat caterpillar on A Bug's Life when he cries.

Right after Colton rolled over for the first time: Feb 13, 2010

kickin' it on the bed while mom folds laundry

Asleep after Baby Mozart

Watching Baby Mozart

tuckered out and asleep on the Boppy

Colton grabbed a toy and shook it for the first time: Feb 8, 2010 (Grammy's Birthday!!)

Shake, Shake, Shake!

Chew, Chew, Chew!

This was right after he was giving me some drama!

First day Colton went to Church: February 7. 2010

Another month has Colton is growing strong everyday and melting my heart even more. Colton was weighed the other day and that scale said he was 12 lbs and 23". He is growing out of 0-3 month clothes and doing things to amaze us everyday. Yesterday on February 13, 2010 he rolled over from his tummy to his back. I was so proud of him. He was laying on the floor on a blanket and pushing and kicking and trying so hard. He also grabbed onto some toy keys the other day and shook them for a few minutes. One of the many things that I love about Colton is how he loves to do new things, explore and exercise :-) He loves to just kick and talk and smile. He loves to be read to and look at pictures. He loves to have his face touched and talked to and talk back. He is making new sounds and you can tell he is gearing up to say a whole lot one of these days. He sticks his tongue out each time he sees Dusty as if that's their way to say hello to each other.

There are so many things I love about Colton, but here are a few:

I love it when Colton...
  • flashes his BIG toothless grin my way
  • lets me kiss him as much as I want
  • explores his world and soaks it in like a sponge
  • gets a determined look on his face and tries so hard to do new things
  • grabs on to me with his tiny little fingers
  • snuggles with me
  • settles down after I go to calm him. It's a special feeling when I can calm him down and know that I am meeting his needs and he feels loved.
  • stares at his handsome self in the mirror
  • gets giddy and happy when we talk to him
  • buries his face in my shoulder as if he is warming his cute little button nose
  • kicks around when listening to music
  • looks at me with his big beautiful eyes
  • scares himself when he is trying to poop lol
  • gets in the bathtub and relaxes and pees in the water
  • lets out a big squeal for no apparent reason
  • lets me know the very moment he doesn't like something :-)
  • discovers new sounds with his voice
  • falls asleep watching Baby Mozart
  • sucks on his paci and his fat little cheeks gets a red ring around them
  • grunts like a machine gun
  • stretches REAL BIG and sticks his little tush out over and over when he is trying to wake up
  • sleeps hahaha
  • lets me lay next to him and talk, play or snuggle

There are so many things through the course of a day that make me love him more and more. I am so happy to be a mother despite how hard I feel it is a lot of the time. I am so excited to have the chance to spend everyday with my little man and to have the honor to love him and meet his needs and help him learn. In my heart it's as if Colton has always been here and it feels so natural to have a family of 3...although I am far from feeling like I have it together :-) Thank you, Colton for being in our family and giving us tremendous joy each and every day.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Hanging with our little man!

When Colton is really drowsy he loves to be put in his swing and USUALLY he will fall asleep!

Giving a crazy smile to mommy

Just beautiful :-)

Look at that junk in the trunk!

Kickin' it with dad

Snug as a bug

All I can says is that we are novice parents! HA He soaked us both in a matter of just 2 minutes!!
He likes his hands warm. Thanks Aunt Lissa.

Being this cute seriously has to be tiring...

Talking and smiling with mom and dad

Fat 'n happy

Well, Hello!

Look at that handsome face!

Now check out those eyes and lips!

Gettin' dressed up so mommy can go show me off to her friends. :-)

This was after a night where he was up kind of a lot and fussy and him and I were both tuckered out. Why doesn't he just sleep like that in the first place?!

Wow. Look at Chubs! As of February 3rd Colton was 11 lbs 7 oz! I guess he has a milk complex like his dad.

Those pretty blues melt my heart when he flashes them my way.

Colton in his favorite spot waiting for his Auntie...