Sunday, October 03, 2010

Colton at 9 months!

It just keeps getting better. Each age definately comes with its own set of challenges but the love I feel for my family and my little guy is so worth it. I always knew I wanted to be a mother and desired greatly to have children. I feel so blessed to know that this is just the beginning. Granted, I wil not have 10 kids unless I have to adopt all of my nieces and nephews after a tragic accident or something, but to know that this is just the beginning to a life with my family is pretty awesome.

One cool thing is that he plays more independently :-) which is great for a work-at-home mommy. We have playdates all of the time here with friends and are still settling in but will have a great little home here real soon. I can't believe where life takes you as you do your best to reach for more and trust in the Spirit.

Some things that Colton has liked to do this month are:

  • climb in/on anything
  • shut doors
  • follow you to the bathroom and bang on the door till you open or stand there till you are done
  • swing at the park (1.5 hours last week)
  • play peek-a-boo
  • eat more finger foods (LOVES Olive Garden's breadsticks :-) and is a bread snatcher. If you have some in your hands and Colton is near, it's his...
  • smile and laugh
  • won't take a a pacifier anymore really - got sick and couldn't breathe through his nose and since then doesn't really take to it
  • has been taking ONE NAP during day....are you kidding me? When I just put him in his crib he usually just cries or maybe falls asleep. I sure hope this is a phase...
  • loves to go on walks and play outside
  • he is loves to open cabinets, get into the crackers and animal cookies and make messes wherever possible
  • BITES EVERYTHING including mommy all the time
  • yeah and SILENCE = BAD NEWS!

Oh how life wouldn't be the same withouth him! :-)