Monday, August 17, 2009

Daddy's first kick!

Dusty got to feel the baby kick last night like 3 or 4 times. It was so fun. The baby is so active at night right when I try and go to sleep. I guess he is prepping me for his late nights starting in December!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

23 Weeks!

It's been a while. I have been chastised enough for not posting photos! 23 weeks today and kickin :-) Things have been pretty smooth sailing these past two weeks. Doctor check up is fine and baby seems to be strong and healthy. We have been picking names and getting down to the fun stuff! I have had a few emotional rides this week and those are NEVER fun, but hey. That's life I guess. One thing I have been doing that I wish I hadn't is giving in to sugar cravings! I haven't really wanted sugar but the past week and a half has been another story... I have a goal to really plan my meals and take charge of that one before it gets out of hand!! I love it when I feel the baby move because I remember I'm not just fat :-)

Dusty's mom is coming in town tomorrow and that is always fun to have relatives here. I can't wait to go to KY next month and Dusty and I are taking a "babymoon" next week as one big hoorah before the baby comes!

I have realized, yet again, that one of my biggest faults is wanting things done now and freaking out that things won't come together in time. Yet, they always do. I do have to say though that sometimes this trait is a strength because it brings out the organizer in me and I become efficient etc. but I just wish I could do it without the stress. The whole faith over fear thing is one thing I always work on...but I am getting there! I do know that things will work out. I mean, I have so many wonderful people around me who love me, I have a testimony of the Savior and the Gospel, a husband who is trying his best to prepare himself to take the BEST possible care of our little family.

Life is good :-)