Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Michael's HAPPY PANTS, by Jason Logsdon

Shopping for school supplies was so much fun as a lad

Except for poor Michael who’s waistline was bad

We would all pile in the car and head to JC Penny’s

Then off to another department for Michael because we couldn’t find any

Year after year it was more of the same

Our dear Mom had no one to blame

You see, at that time in fashion for young men

Was a branded letter, not S, M, L, XL or even “N”

The small leather tag on the back of Michael’s jeans

Would lead to school kids being nasty and mean

Michael came home crying from school one day

Mom was there to console her little boy and asked, “tell me, what did they say!”

Michael replied, “Mom, you were wrong about my pants,”

This big “H” on my pants doesn’t mean I’m “Happy” and ready to dance

Well, the truth was out and Michael finally knew

That the “H” on his pants meant that he just grew and just grew

It’s OK, Mike, because we all love you too We’ll help you get geared for Shaq’s Big Challenge, Season Two!

Happy 28th!!!!


Anonymous said...

My poor husband is the brunt of all the jokes. He takes it well. I guess he can dish it out as well.

Amy Sue said...

What do you mean you "guess" he can dish it out! ha ha He has dished out enough for 6 lifetimes and we are just catching up to him!!

Anonymous said...

Amy's dad said;

I don't know why everybody wants to pick on my little buddy so much. Mike would never pick on anybody like that.

Anonymous said...

I think anyone that casts stones my way is gay. Not happy, but opposite sex gay...

Spank you very much.