Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Catching up....

Well, it seems I have a lot to blog about, especially my Nauvoo trip. Things have been pretty crazy around the house lately so I am short on time for blogging....but it is coming soon :).......

Happy Birthday, Dusty!!

Today was Dusty's birthday!!! Hooray!!! He turned the big 2-7 :)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I Heart T J

OK. As some of you may know. I do Turbo Jam all of the time. It all started last year while vacationing at my Momma's house and I saw this infomercial (sp?) and I fell in LOVE with this workout. It started with 5 workouts on one DVD and then Dusty just surprised me with 8 more the other day!! I seriously have always wanted to continue to teach dance as well as also become an aerobics instructor. Well, come to find out you can get certified in teaching Turbo Kick which is the same as Turbo Jam. So, Dusty wanted to get me some more videos so I can practice!!

That was so thoughtful of him and I LOVE THEM!!!! I do them all of the time. Melissa and mom...I am going to bring them with me the next time I come home. I think there are 2 more DVDs I don't have that are next on my list! After that I will be good...for a while. :) They really are butt-kickin' DVDs and I love it.

Super Saturday!

So we had our little Super Saturday at Church on...well...Saturday and I used a sewing machine by myself for the first time!! (I didn't have to hook the thread of course but still! You should be proud!) I have included pics of some of the stuff we made. The blue bag is a little tote made out of ribbon and a placemat. Notice the bottom of the bag...that took skill!

The other little thingy is a piece of wook cut, sanded and painted with vinyl added. It is a little picture frame. Some people made them as recipe holders, but all I need right now is another thing on my kitchen counter!! I don't have any space as it is!

Let me know what you think of my mad skills! :)

Going to Nauvoo!

I am leaving tomorrow for a week long trip 1/2 work and 1/2 pleasure. I am flying out to a conferene in Richmond, VA with a couple of friends from work. We are going a day early so we can drive up to DC to go sight-seeing. I have never been to DC and am really excited. I remember in 5th grade one of the teachers always took her students to DC and I wasn't in her class. I was so bummed and thought that I would never have another opportunity to go :) Life was over in 5th grade ....wasn't it for everyone though...seriously!

The conference is for 3 days and then we are heading out to Nauvoo for another 3 days. I am SO EXCITED. I have never been. To top it all off I get to stay in Susan Easton Black's condo with her and her husband and two friends. Susan is going to show us around and we will have lots of time there. We are even going to do a temple session. I am so excited. This will be such a spiritual rejuvination that is long over due. I will try to take lots of pictures but I will make sure to write in my journal a lot!

This week even while on "vacation" I have a lot of stuff going on. I need your prayers that things will work out with my job (if it's meant to be of course!). I pretty much find out on the 18th if we finally get the long awaited funding or if there is another reason that it has been "pushed back". It's my fault for letting it come to this, but it has been a hard road to travel and one I am trying to figure out. If you remember, prayers are welcome!!!

I feel so blessed to be able to go to Nauvoo (for FREE at that!) with good friends and to be in such good company. Susan has written books on Nauvoo and has been responsible for thousands of the early Saints history and temple work preserved and done. This is so exciting and I am humbled I have had so many opportunities and blessing come my way in this life. I just hope I make the most of them.

I will blog again when I can!!!! Bon Voyage!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Kickin Trash and Takin' Names

So I had only played checkers once and the person kicked my trash and I didn't understand the game so I didn't play for years. The other day Dusty and I got out his game I bought him and he was teaching me how to play as we went. I BEAT HIM 5 TIMES IN A ROW!! Not only beat him, but STOMPED him! I had to take a picture and post a victory blog!

p.s. I am silver.... :)