Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Fall Fun

Colton checkin out his candy stash at the ward's Trunk or Treat. When he would go up to a trunk he would say "treat" and try to give them a kiss...he catches on fast!

We may have a future pilot on our hands. Colton LOVED the helipoter, "heya-tter." He RAN to it wouldn't let the other kids have their turn. It was so cute to see him so fascinated. He has seen a few helicopters since then and gets just as excited!

Colton toting around his card he got in the mail from Grammy. He LOVES getting mail. He goes to the mailbox with Daddy everyday and LOVES when it's for him :-) 

Does this smile say enough?

Colton and his friend Peyton having a mischievous moment on the helicopter! 

He is such a monkey!!

Colton drug the helicopter pilot into the backseat and he took the driver seat! lol He was a good sport as Colton pushed EVERY button in there! 

Trying to drag him away...

Now we are on to the firetruck!

Watching the helicopter take off!!! 

He would love one of  these!

Lots of Halloween cheer this year! :-) 

Colton thought you just kind of hung out after you got candy. He's not a love 'em and leave 'em kind of guy. 

Colton with his ONE happy face of the night...

We have had some beautiful weather this fall so far and have gotten a chance to enjoy it! We went to the Trunk or Treat and Taylor's Fall Festival and a few fall pot lucks with friends. I have just really enjoyed this fall so far in spite of how sick and busy we have been, 

Colton is as OPINIONATED as ever. That boy never fails to amaze me at how head-strong he is. Lately he has taken to mumbling something and then sticking his finger in my face and saying, "no, no not" --his way of telling me no way mom.... He scales the bathtub, climbs on everything, NEVER wants to sit in his car seat and he is getting to "big" for his booster seat and wants to sit with us at the table. It looks like child abuse when I try to strap him in, oh and don't get me started on diaper's WW3! 

His laughter is just as intense. He loves to play and joke and tease. Colton is starting to learn his friend's names and do more playdates. It is so amazing to watch him discover the world and run to me with his happiness, his worries, his sadness and MAJOR tantrums... I wouldn't trade it for the world an am in awe how the Lord designed families and the whole experience of parenthood. I feel blessed indeed!