Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Google Recipe Search is finally here!

Try it out. I think this will be a great way to more effectively use Google for recipe searches. That is where I usually go if I am trying to find a recipe. Then if I don't find it within a few searches I will try some of my favorite places like Family Fun, Meals Matter, Food Network, Everday Meals, Everyday Food. Then there are your standards like All Recipes, Cooking....

Am I missing any good ones that should be on the list? I LOVE recipes. Which sites are your favs?

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Lissa said...

Those are all my faves. I also like Top Secret Recipes, they have recipe knockoffs of different restaraunts or store brands. It's pretty cool. You know me,recipe-a-holic. I should start a recipes anonymous group. It is ridiculous. You have witnessed the madness first hand! Love you!!!