Thursday, May 13, 2010

Colton at 5 months!

One of his nights where he just didn't want to go to he didn't :-)

I swear he grew over night....he looks so big to me here

tuckered out on his blessing day

getting ready to wind down

playing the game "whose the baby in the mirror" --one of his favorites. we can go rounds and rounds and he just laughs. for the whole "segment" see facebook :-)

i was in our bedroom and i caught him out of the corner of my eye and just had to take a picture. he was watching a new video, Baby Van Gough, and he would NOT take his eyes off of it. it was precious.

eyes on the tv as usual. he loves to play with this monkey from Grandpa Rhoads

colton has discovered his toes and plays with them all of the time

flexible like his momma

i just thought he looked so cute in his little shoes that day

the very first time I saw him sucking his thumb


just hanging out and lovin' life!

Seriously I am surprised I get anything done because all I want to do is just love and squeeze and kiss and snuggle my boy. He just turned 5 months and has a lot going on. Here is a little bit about this last month!
  • He LOVES to laugh. Colton is always down for a good time. He gets this from his momma!
  • Every night Daddy tickles him and mommy plays who's the baby in the mirror and he loves it and laughs just like it's the first time
  • He discovered his toes and chews on them all of the time
  • He started to suck his thumb a bit...usually when his gums hurt or he is tired
  • Colton ate solids for the first time the day before Mother's Day
  • He has rolled over from his tummy to his back once on his own and is SO close to doing it again
  • Oh and Colton is doing great at sitting up with support
  • Colton wants to sit up all of the time. He loves to be in on the action and I have a feeling I will have an early walker/crawler
  • Colton still prefers sleeping in his bouncy seat. We have tried several nights without it I have gotten up about a dozen times with he is back in the bouncy seat :-) He takes naps in his crib but night time not so much
  • Did I mention he loves to laugh and smile?! EVERYONE tells me what a happy and smily baby I have. Oh and they tell me how strong he is too.
  • He is starting to teeth and chews on anything. He loves the cold chewys
  • Colton is down for whatever. He usually just goes with the flow and is up in the mix
  • He is doing something new like everyday and making LOTS if noises and playing with his voice a lot
  • Oh and Colton doesn't like to be cold, also like his mother. At night he will wake up and if I snuggle with him and get him warm he drifts back off to sleep. I love getting to snuggle with him but it doesn't make for good sleep usually; BUT I sure do love looking at him and hearing him breath and make little noises and then scooch in close to me. Awww it melts me!

What a special boy you are, Colton. Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

Mother's Day 2010

napping on Mother's Day with the sweetest little snuggler there is!
After Colton's Blessing on Mother's Day

Dusty's BYU Graduation

Dusty has graduated from BYU...officially! What a fun day! It was so great to see Dusty walk and get his degree. It was a beautiful day and I am so proud of Dusty for sticking through it and proud of myself for putting him through school :-) Some great things are in store for the Rhoads! Ole Miss here we come!