Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas stocking

The only stocking I ever remember having was a small Feival stocking I got from McDonalds when I was like 5 years old. I'm talking tiny. You could fit it in the palm of your hand tiny. Stockings just weren't a big part of Christmas. I don't even have any great desire to have stockings because I don't even know what to put in them. Dusty and I have two stockings hanging up right now but last year I put chocolates and little nick nacks in them.

Dusty's family all has really nice name embroidered stocking and he looks forward to it every year and I just tank. I just don't know what the heck to do with them.

We don't need more chocolates.... What are your experiences with stockings? Where they a big part of Christmas? What are some suggestions that we can do with them?


Anonymous said...

Stockings are the best. Mike told me he never got stockings. That was like my absolute favorite thing to get at Christmas. For Mike I always put stuff like after shave, really nice razors, new tooth brush, CD, some candy,gift card to McDonalds, It really is endless you can do so much with a stocking. Just be creative.

Lissa said...

That is what Nathan's Mom does for us too - toothbrushes, toothpaste, raisors, chapsticks, even little gloves, lotions, nail care stuff - she usually has it so full it is about to bust. It's really fun to get our stockings. Since we were never used to them, it is neat to get one now and I look forward to it. Love ya.


Angela said...

Oh stockings were totally part of it. My mom and her friend made stockings for everyone, white felt with red yard binding and sequined shapes and names. A bunch of my friends growing up had them because my mom made them for them. So it is still odd to me that some family's don't have the same kind as me. Santa brought the stockings and put them next to us after we fell asleep. So when we woke we could play with our stocking since we weren't allowed to look at the tree. Laurie, shockingly enough, has three sets of stockings for the kids. 1. These are fun but big and when family that was really poor came one christmas she made set 2. Then people started getting married so she made set 3 with extra material for hte rest of the spouses as they come.