Thursday, December 13, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Someone emailed me the coolest Christmas light show I have seen. This guy is just an average guy who loves lights, Christmas and technology. He has spent a TON of time and money to put together an amazing show. You drive through this neighborhood and turn your radio to 99.9 FM and you can hear the music that goes with the light display. Dusty and I are going to go this weekend. I will tell you if it is even better in person!

He has the videos online. You can watch them here:

It's a tough one but I think my favorite is Amazing Grace from this year.

What is your favorite?


Lissa said...

I think my favorite is Carol of the Bells. They are all really pretty! I can't believe someone actually goes through that much work. It is really impressive.

Love you

Amy Sue said...

Dusty and I went to go see the light show in person tonight and it was so cool. As soon as you pull into the neighborhood you tune into the station. There were people everywhere. We got a "seat" front and center and we blasted our radio up and just watched. It was so much fun. It is even more impressive in person!