Friday, June 30, 2006

Go Dusty! Go Dusty!

Dusty got quoted in the Daliy Herald, our Provo / Orem newspaper for pest control!! The writer got some things wrong, but that's OK. I think it was the Web sites fault. He talks about earwigs at the bottom...


Hear that buzzing in your ear? Chirping in the night? You guessed it -- those backyard pests that drive you buggy are back and ready to swarm onto your property. Whether it's ants marching one by one or hairy-legged spiders and their web-weaving buddies, don't get stung with an insect invasion this summer bug season.


Ants come in large numbers, can carry large loads, and can crawl through the smallest of cracks. Weaver said ants are more of a nuisance for people with wood and tile floors because ants can get into the foundation where there are grooves. If you notice ants popping out along the edges of the wall, chances are you have an invasion in the foundation of your home. If the infestation is uncontrollable even with the help of household pesticides, a pest-control specialist could become necessary.

To keep these pesky pests off your property, Weaver recommends keeping a close eye on your floors because even a crumb for an ant is a feast.

"Ants are kind of like sharks," Weaver said. "Sharks can sniff out a drop of blood in millions of gallons of water. With ants you can drop a bit of sugar on the floor ... in the morning you can have whole swarms."


With names like "giant house spider" and movies such as "Arachnophobia," it's no wonder that this type of insect is highly feared and avoided. Here in Utah, the majority of spiders found in homes are harmless. The exceptions are the black widow and hobo spider, the two most common dangerous spiders in Utah. The black widow is recognized for its two red dots on the belly, large thorax, and slick, hairless body. Cory Weaver, owner of Express Pest Control in Lehi, said the hobo spider is a little harder to recognize because its light-brown color and long, unmarked legs resemble ordinary house spiders.

The hobo spider also carries the formidable title of the "aggressive house spider," at 12 to 18 millimeters in length.

"They don't attack people, but if you walk up to them or something and they feel threatened, they tend to turn around and stand their ground," Weaver said.

To protect your home from a possible invasion of spiders, Weaver recommends keeping your doorways and entryways closed, and keeping your home as clutter free as possible.

"Hobo spiders and wolf spiders love clutter, like clothes on the floor, things like that," Weaver said. "They will go jump in them, and when you go to pick up the clothes they jump out at you."


Ever wonder where the word "waspish" comes from? Weaver said this type of insect is not generally aggressive -- unless it's irritated.

"I've been on many jobs where they're buzzing all around and people look at me like I'm nuts," Weaver said. "The only time I get stung is when I find the one that got in my truck and I sit on it or something."

Because wasps tend to create their homes on wood, be on the lookout for their nests on anything from wood fences to eaves and children's playgrounds.

To get rid of a wasp nests, a store-bought pesticide sprayed onto the nest can generally do the trick. For nests high in the eaves, Weaver recommends pest-control specialists because they have sprays that can reach the tall areas.


Don't let its size fool you. The mosquito is capable of laying 100-300 eggs at one time and reaches adulthood only four to seven days after it was laid as an egg. This miniature menace depends on warm-blooded animals (that means you) to provide the protein necessary for the female mosquito to produce her eggs.

Attracted to carbon dioxide in the air, the mosquito is naturally attracted to homes and places where humans and animals are present.

"You can't keep them away, but preventative measures would be to make sure that your home is well screened and that you wear insect repellent with DEET mosquito repellent, because there is always going to be a few that are going to be around," said Robert Mowler, manager of Utah County mosquito abatement.

Because mosquitos breed in areas with standing water, Mowler recommends checking your property for any shallow containers of stagnant water. Homes with excessive mosquito problems often have a container such as a bucket, wheelbarrow, or leaf-filled gutter with trapped water.

In the past couple of years, mosquitos have become more dangerous as carriers of West Nile virus.

"That's the thing that has changed: The mosquito used to just be a nuisance, but now in our area they are a concern," Mowler said.

Because the carriers of West Nile tend to be dusk and evening biters, Mowler recommends always dressing appropriately in long sleeves and pants and keeping protected with DEET.


The name for this bug comes from the old superstition that earwigs would crawl into the ears at night and try to bore into the brain. While untrue, earwigs do prefer nighttime activity and are more likely to get on your nerves then in your brain. They are easily recognized for their reddish-brown flat body and large, pincer-like appendages on their hind end, which can give a harmless pinch to humans.

Dusty Rhoads, a pest-control specialist with a Utah branch of Preventive Pest Control, based in New Mexico, said earwigs generally will live right up against the foundation of your home.

"Since they live so close to the house you could just pull the grass back and count them in a row," Rhoads said.

Because the majority of indoor pests originate outside, Rhoads said, you will want to treat the outside perimeter of your home with an insecticide to kill them where they are living and breeding.

"You want to push them back as far as you can," Rhoads said.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

My Prima Ballerina!!

I stole this from Chauntel's blog, but I had to put this picture up at least and thought her post was so cute, I wanted to share.....

"Last Wednesday was Makayla's first dance class. She had such a good time and can't wait for next Wednesday. However the night before dance class, she started to complain about her stomach aching. The next morning she woke up at her normal time but than complained about her tummy and went back to bed for and hour. I made her go to the gym and than swimming but when we got home she complained about her tummy again so she took and nap (which she doesn't do anymore) She slept about and hour and than wanted to to lay down with her and hold her and she slept another hour. She didn't have a fever, diarhea, runny nose and she hadn't thrown up. About an hour before dance she got up we got her ready (she won't eat dinner) She went to dance and than she was fine. We truly believe she was so nervous, worried, and excited that she made herself sick. That is Makayla. She wants to do things and have fun but she so scared to do new things and worries so much. Hence being scared of swings, bugs, cats, dogs, and the dark. (She loves to swing now that she's older.)"

Words I hate

It has came up a few times with some friends lately of some words that I hate. NOBODY else that I have talked to out here hate certain words. I KNOW that Melissa and I hate certain words and I think mom does too, don't you?

Anyway, here are a few of the words that I hate.

- cupcake
- slice
- nugget
- snippet
- plop
- Zander (lol, shout out to Charla...)
- cake
- wristband

O.K. I have a few more, but I can't think of them right now. If ANYBODY has words that they hate, please post them. I am curious to see if I am the only nutjob!

A little piece of family history

OK. I have had genealogy on the brain a lot lately mostly because that's the industry of my job. But we have been talking in church, at the conference in Chicago and at work about the best place to start with your family history is with living relatives, especially older relatives. So, I thought it was great timing to call my grandma, Grandma Logsdon. I hadn't spoken to her in like 1-1/12 years and it was her birthday, so what the heck!

I NEVER thought that she and I were alike at all until this last conversation. She was cracking me up, she was so funny and just has a random sense of things are starting to come together on why my family is the way it is! She has always been so hard with her emotions and just seems like she has had a hard life but in this conversation she sort of opened up and said some things to me that she has never said (even told me that she was proud of me and that she loved me--with out me even saying it first!!!!) AND she was being really encourageable and sweet, which is something I haven't heard from her all my life!

So, in honor of this occasion I jotted down some bits of our conversation. I thought some of you might be interested in hearing. I would say that these are in random order, but our entire conversation was random---so they are probably in the order that she said them!

- One of her popular phrases when she didn't understand something, "What in the name of sense is that?"

- She remembered dad sneaking a smoke in the bathroom when he was just a little boy..... A LOT

- Blake is so adorable

- Dad, brace yourself for this one.... "AMY SUE was the hardest worker out in the yard" when we used to go do her yard!! "Amy, you were always workin' the hardest trying to keep up with your daddy"....I just remember jumping off her porch into the leaves, but hey if she says so...

- I remember Michael sittin on the swing just staring off trying to avoid working but he did do the entire backyard by himself when he got older...

- We talked about family history but really they ONLY thing that she wants to know is, "Amy, just find out who in my family married an Indian before I die. My Aunt Annie told me that there is an Indian in our family and I wanna know who in the heck married her."

- She quit smoking for good and it makes her sick to smell other people smoking.

- She remembers Jeremy always having a "big mouth on him" just like someone in our family named, Arnold Lee ( I need to find out who he is...)

- Jason was the best babysitter. He was always so helpful and she remembers one time when Michael puked all down her back and Jason cleaned her up.

- Michael was a little piggy. He just ate and ate; he never wanted to stop.

- When Melissa was little she was nice up until 10 p.m. After that she was as mean as all get out. Nobody could do nuttin' with her. She just wanted to go to bed.

- Jason bought grandma a crochet book a long time ago and she is still waiting to get it from him! (I bold that because she talked about this a few times!)

- I hear Evan looks just like Nathan, does he have dimples?

- You and Melissa always had nice, shiny, pretty hair just like dem' magazines. Do you and Melissa still have your hair long? You better had cause you look like dem' magazines.

- Melissa, did you leave your rose bushes at your old place? I told grandma that you had moved but you had gorgeous rose bushes at your old place. She had assumed that you had taken them with you and I told her that I didn't think that you had. She went was funny.
"You mean to tell me that GOOFUS didn't take them with her? If they still own the place they can go back and dig them up. It won't take Nathan but a few minutes to go back and dig them up and then just a few minutes to put them in their new yard. I don't know what they are thinking. It won't hurt Nathan to go dig them up, why aren't they digging them up. She's a goofus if she's not gonna go get them."

Grandma is passionate about gardening, can't you tell? She told me afterwards that she had some weird / superstitious / spiritual experience with a dead relative that makes her LOVE rose bushes....

- When Jeremy put his chin through the front door and blood was everywhere Jason was outside "huggin a post he was so scared."


The last time that Aunt Linda took her to the doctor she pictured her doctor wearing a turban and a skirt, riding a camel in the hot sun!!!!!

Comments, please...
Do you want to post a memorable experience you had with Grandma or another relative? She said a lot more stuff, we talked for over 2 hours but this post was just a few of her funny comments. There are some things that she said that probably aren't appropriate to post!

More of Evan!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

We got babies popping out everywhere!

Julie and Rob Roundy welcomed their 3rd child into the world on June 15th, 2006 at 12:57 p.m. Kylee Marie Roundy weighed in at 6 lb 1 oz and 19.5 inches long.

Mom and baby are doing great and we are so happy for them. She is ADORABLE!

Friday, June 16, 2006

The Webster Family


On Memorial Day (Dusty's B-Day) we went to Jordanelle Lake with friends from Dusty's work and had a blast on seadoos and grilled out and had a lot of fun. Don't let the pretty weather fool you though it was FREEZING all day long. It was in the 60s so I know the water was in the 50s. It was fun though.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Going Home!!

Evan is finally home after 8 days!! He is doing fine and eating like a pig (or like his daddy). He is on no meds, just sleeping, eating, and pooping.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

First Day Trying to Get Off Oxygen!

More pics

The reason that I went to Chicago was to land some partnerships for our genealogy company that we are starting at work, We had AMAZING success! I went with a collegue, Darla, and we worked extremely hard but it paid off.

Paul Allen, my boss, started the #1 genealogy company in the world, and now he has left that company and plans to start another company to compete with it. I am on the team that is creating and shaping this company and it has been an awesome experience even this early in the game. I am excited to be a part of it. We probably won't we fully ready to launch until a year from now, but we have a landing page up at

Here is my new business card.

One of the best things about my Chicago trip...

the Pizza!! This was soooo good. I probably gained 5 pounds per slice but it was worth it!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Calling for Parental Advice...

Not that I think Lissa and Nate need it, but I think that it will be have at it tell them what they need to know!!

Our Family Just Added One Branch to our Tree!!

Evan William Webster
Born: 6/7/2006 @ 4:32pm
Weight: 7lb 0oz
Length: 19 inches

Little Evan William Webster was born 5 WEEKS early!! I am so excited and I can't even begin to explain how happy I am for them. Big Nate and Big Momma Lissa are going to be the best parents in the whole wide world! (of course except my Big Momma Starr and Big Hugh Daddy and I guess Mike and Charla and Jeremy and Chauntel.....anyway, I should have kept my mouth shut.....)

By the way, mom and baby (and new daddy Nathan) are doing well. His little lungs are trying to keep up with that big 7 lb preemie body. Who the heck knows how much bigger he would have got in that last five weeks. I think Melissa was drinking some protein shakes or something. **Shout out to Mike: Big Body, Little Lungs*** I can say that cause I already said it to Lissa and she laughed--because we all know that he will do just fine.

When things settle down a bit I will get Lissa to post on here about her experience with having Mr. Little Evan William Webster. He is so loved he doesn't even know how much!!! Enjoy the pics and please comment your first message to Evan and Lissa / Nate here.