Saturday, April 23, 2011

Life's Simple Pleasures

My life is so full and busy and I am learning to take more pleasure in the HARDNESS of it all. I feel like life is pulling me in so many different directions but they are so worth it at the end of the day.

Colton is growing so big. Teeth are coming in like weeds, he is talking more, communicating with me and just being a crazy boy 24/7. I am so blessed to be able to work from home and have Colton with me but it does come with it's challenges and challenges my creativity on a daily basis.

I wanted to just update a few things he has been doing lately and a few pics. Dusty and I are just busy away at parenting, school and work. Not too exciting...what would we do without Colton!

  • A few weeks ago Colton was push a car down the hallway and making car noises. So cute!
  • He barks like a dog and crawls around
  • He says a kitty cat says, "Pe-yeow"
  • Um pooped in the tub and tried to play with it :-)
  • Since we are on that note, peed in my shoe...
  • The other day he was fighting a diaper change tooth and nail (the usual) and I handed my cell phone to him and told him to call someone who cares. A few minutes later my dad called me saying, "Did you know Colton called me a few minutes ago?" hahaha !!
  • I love it when he hugs my neck tight and brings me close to him
  • Gives kisses all of the time
  • Has been hiding stuff all over the house: laundry hamper, garbage, his choo-choo train, find random things in my cabinets
  • He has started to pull my hand to things, ESPECIALLY outside and if we can't go out right when he wants to it's WW3!!
  • Just got his first pair of sunglasses and likes to wear them
  • When we go to the park he loves to climb and run but his favorite is to swing
  • He is a CLIMBER, I swear I think that he will have adrenaline junkie issues.... The other day he climbed onto the handle bars of his stroller and jumping up and down. He does this all of the time and I am looking for a trampoline...
  • We lay next to eachother and snuggle and he will put his arm around me and pull me close and kiss me and smile at me...[melt]
  • He LOVES to be tickled, chased, be scared (Logsdon genetics) and be active
  • He loves to help me. His latest is sweeping the floor and I got him his own little hand sweeper, doing dishes, putting on my shoes for me and try to do his own, cook, put away groceries...

What would I do without my little snuggle bug?