Friday, April 20, 2007

Absolutely Amazing!

I think she understands the phrase, "Become as a little child" yet her expressions and understandings far surpass many of us. She is amazing and kudos to her mom for having the faith to let that child pursue her "visions".

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cheapskate Stories

OK. I am not at liberty to yet say what happened because it was with a business affiliate of Dusty's but we just had a really big cheapskate experience with someone. I wanted to hear some of your cheapskate stories. They can be either someone was a cheapskate towards you or you were a cheapskate towards someone else.

If you are having a hard time getting your brain flowing. Here is an example.

On February 8, 1986 my father thought that he had the perfect birthday planned for my mother. The children were gathered around the table eagerly waiting to see what my dad got for my mother--the love of his life.

The scene was set: streamers, birthday cake, ice cream, children and...the video camera so that she will treasure the moment forever. Here we go!

Present #1) Pack of Spearmint EXTRA gum
Present #2) Another Pack of Spearmint EXTRA gum
(by the way her favorite was the dark blue kind :)
Present# 3) Rubbermaid Tupperware for the kitchen
Present# 4) Another set of Rubbermaid Tupperware for the kitchen

.......and that was it folks! My dad has been sending us kids DVDs of our old VHS tapes and this one just got him landed with the 1986 Cheapskate Award.

I KNOW that working with Michael at Mr. Gattis in the ghetto that there were too many stories to count that constituted Cheapskate Awards too but I want to hear a few from everyone.

I need some laughter in my day. So take it away and let me hear what ya got!

Cann you see the Baby?

If you can't see the baby in the picture, don't give up.
It's really cool when it actually appears.
This is not a joke and ~ NO ~ Nothing is going to jump out at you!

You have to have an open mind.
Don't look for a Baby, and you will see the Baby! Once you see it you won't see anything else!!!

This is so cool. Do you see the baby?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

My Easter Basket

This is my Easter Basket this year. 1) A basket we already had 2)A bowl of jelly beans we have had for weeks and 3) A peanut butter egg I bought like in February...

Happy Easter!!

I wish I could be there with all of my family :(

Mom, how did you Better Than $&# Cake turn out :)?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Lame Post

OK. I know this will be a lame post but I have been sick and in bedfor the past 68 of the 72 hours. However, one highlight was that I finally beat the computer game Mindsweeper! Have you ever tried that? I have like 2,000,000 times. I might be totally slow on the uptake but I finally did it. Another highlight is that I have eaten junk in bed, watched movies all day and wake up whenever I want :)

Other than that...hmmm.... I have taken up a new passion of scrapbooking. I am going to add a ton of pics of the pages I have done pretty soon. I have been using my fancy shmancy Cricut Dusty got me for Valentines Day.

I have some other stuff going on but I am getting tired and need to go to bed. I'll holla back lata. Ciao.