Monday, July 28, 2008

The Scrapbox, my new love

This can be moved to the top ob my wish list. I love, love, love them. The Scrapbox is amazing. We are selling them through my work now to help genealogists get organized. We had a focus group where the company brought one in and we told them what we like and didn't like about it and all the uses we can think of for it. My favorite part is that it really does fold up easy and looks like a beautiful cabinet for your home. Did I say I love it? I love it. I want at LEAST two in my home. I can use the mini scrapbox for mail, stamps, important papers etc. that need my attention, use it at my bill paying station or whatever. The big ones can be used for craft stuff and scrapbooking and then I would want one for our home office to keep extra supplies in, chargers, cords, cds, office supplies, etc. etc. etc. If you are a writer you can use one to store all of your research and data until it is complete and then move out the stuff and make room for your new project.

I would even settle for a big scrapbox and then a mini workbox. check it out. If you actually want to buy anything off the site, come to me and I can get you a better price!

Did I say I love them? I love them.


Angela said...

Ok while those are cool they totally scare me. Thats a LOT of stuff!!!! But they are amazing for making a room still look nice.

rana said...

you've peeked my interest on what your better price would be?...I think i could fill two large ones with out a problem...ya know depending on a price point i think i'd try streatch for one...i'll hint it up for my birthday or christmas...ha ha we'll see how far that gets me...any way let me know via my email what you rprice point is and obviously if i couldn't pick it up at a friendswood location, (looked on website)it's be outta my range/budget to ship. any wya i can see why it is so loved in the office