Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Turbo Kick w/ Chalene in the CA!

Well as most of you know I was off to California last week. I had another conference out in Burbank, CA and I was able to go down and take a Turbo Kick class with the Turbo Queen herself, Chalene. It was SO FUN! She is just as every bit of fun and energetic as I thought it would be and I learned so much of what being an awesome instructor is made of. The energy was insane in the room and everybody in class was feeling it. I felt so lucky to be able to go down and take a class from her. She was testing a new "routine" or Round on the class and that was a blast too. *Chalene is the creator of Turbo Kick, the kick boxing program I am certified in....*

After our TK class I got to take a hip hop class, Hip Hop Hustle. She created that program too. Wow. So much fun! It was my first hop hop class in a while and it left me wanting more :-) She is crazy good at hip hop too. Wow! What fun! I can't even describe to you how fun that was for me. It's crazy that the people in her home town just take 5-6 classes from her a week and it's just normal for them. That would be insane if she was just my regular teacher. They are lucky and I am lucky I got to go. After class she took some time to talk with me and take a picture with me. She was so kind and helpful. I asked her a few teaching questions etc. It was just a great experience and I can't believe I just got to go do it.

After those couple hours of working out I went down to Newport Beach to layout and walk up and down the beach. My mind was still going over and over what Chalene and I spoke about and I was thinking about our classes I had taken that morning and I just couldn't believe I was there on Newport Beach in CA after a couple of classes with Chalene. What a perfect day!

Me and Chalene after a couple hours of working out. Great fun!

Newport Beach

Newport Beach


Anonymous said...

You should have went and seen Grandma Mai Tai in Whittier Hills Ca. I use to ride my bike to Newport Beach and go to the Wedge and body surf (ya, I was that good). Then ride north to Balboa Beach and study english and math and of course staying out of trouble. The good ol'days...


Anonymous said...

Chalene looks like a gangster. She also has a look on her face like you smell like 4 hours of hip hop, tic toc you don't stop; to the break a break a dawn and ya don't stop; ain't leavin til 6 in da mornin sweaty exercise class.