Saturday, July 12, 2008

Niagara Falls

This has been the year of travel for Miss Amy and I have had a lot of fun....and it's been a LOT of work. I have been promising to post pictures of my travels to London and Scotland but there were over 500 pictures to sort through!! I finally did it but I will probably post them in a series because there are so many pictures....Anyway, here are some pictures from my trip to New York and Canada this year. It was AMAZING to be there at the falls. So peaceful, and just intimidating looking at all of that water and those waterfalls. The sound was awesome. I actually enjoyed being there by myself for the short couple of hours that I had. There is something about the atmosphere that makes you just sit back and take it all in and think.At night time some buildings from across the canyon shine lights on the falls and it looks like a H-U-G-E amazing, beautiful and crazy rainbow. The spot I was at in at the Falls was called Rainbow Bridge and this is the view at night...WOW!

You could tell I had never been there before because lots of people brought coats, winter coats, umbrellas, gloves, hates etc. The falls are so massive and it just gets you soaking wet in certain spots. By nightfall I was freezing!Here are a few pics of many. It was so much fun. And I must say that I was proud of myself. I was driving from New York to Canada with directions but I didn't exactly have directions to the Falls. Eventually I found signs and I stopped off at huge canyon but when I got out to look over the edge there was no falls and I serisouly thought maybe they turned them off for maintenance or soemthing because I really drove forever and thought I was there. I found someone and asked them and I had to drive down another 10 miles or so and found them.This was at the very mouth of the falls. I was actually a little nervous to get so close. I saw idiots sitting on the rails to take pictures and they could have EASILY fallen in and died. It was so neat from this view...

The area and city of the falls is beautiful! It is so calming and trendy yet small town feeling.... Downtown area is really neat but I didn't visit anything else except the falls and they was great enough for me. They had the most gorgeous park areas I have ever seen and I was missing Dusty and wishing we had a few days to camp there or day :-)


Melissa said...

First let me say sorry, you are way more important than any homework I have to do. So I promise I will be better about commenting. You are always so good about commenting on everyone's blogs. I promise I look at it almost every day. I just rush so much that I forget to stop and post a comment.

Anyway, OH my gosh!!!!!! How amazing that you got to go there. Those pictures are so pretty and I can't even imagine what it is like in person to be there. That is definitely on my list of places to go one day. I'm so glad you got to go! Let me just say that I was cracking up at the caption on one of your pictures - you said "they could have easily fallen in and died". HA a little morbid there sissy. Love HUH


Melissa said...

oh yeah and Evan is asleep which makes it easier to blog.