Friday, July 11, 2008

Cookout Resources

So I was just informed I am planning a cookout in a few weeks for all of our employees and their families. This constitutes 75-100 people. I only have 2 weeks to try to squeeze planning in. Do you know of any tips and or resources online that can help me plan this thing? Or just personal experience or advice?


Angela said...

KISS method. Keep it simple stupid. I'd even keep the menu simple. Use Sams club and costco for anything you can. You can do it!

Melissa said...

I say you should make home made everything and suck it up. J/K I agree about Sams or Costco - get what you can in bulk and premade. They make really good stuff.

BBQ Chicken (like shredded) sandwiches are easy to make and go a long way. That's all I got. :-) I'm not in a creative mood.