Friday, May 23, 2008

Gearing Up for Summer

We grilled out for the 1st time a few weeks ago! Can you believe it, the first time! We finally bought one of those $20 grills that we had when we were really little. Besides calling dad 5 times to before we started, we were good :-) It was fun and it turned out great. If you like spicy stuff, use Jack Daniels BBQ sauce when you brush the meat.

We didn't even have any hamburgers so we used hot dogs, a turkey sausage link and deer sausage with jalapenos and cheese in it that one of Dusty's friends gave to him. It was actually really good. I didn't think I would like it since Jeremy scared me years ago at Matt and Sarah Guffey's house. One morning they served me breakfast and after I took a bite of the meat Jeremy got in my face and told me that he and Matt just killed Bambi and I just ate him. I cried and cried. But, I have since had my therapy sessions and can now enjoy deer sausage without any guilt.Dusty's birthday is coming up this Thursday.....and I will be on my way to Canada :-(
So, we will celebrate either on Memorial Day or whenever I get back. I bought hamburger meat, sausage, pork chops, chicken breast.....he'll have enough to pick from when we grill out. I bought a few marinades but does anybody have some favorites that they use?


Anonymous said...

Hey Dusty, are those dog logs on the grill?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know Dusty went to Scotland with you? Those are some great pics!!!

Amy Sue said...

OK. Leave me alone. I haven't gotten to that yet. I am in Canada now...a little behind schedule. I will get those pictures up soon!!