Thursday, May 22, 2008

Momma's New Bathroom!!

This is really for Jeremy and Chauntel so that they can see momma's new and improved and beautiful bathroom. I couldn't get over how DIFFERENT it's like they tore down everything and started over........oh yeah.....they did! It still wasn't quite finished yet but it is gorgeous. Melissa, Nathan, Mom and Dad worked so hard on it. They did a great job. Everything is new, even the toilet! Those curved shower curtains give you so much more room I couldn't believe it. When I get a house I will definitely have one!

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melissa said...

I'm glad you took some pictures of the bathroom because obviously we were really bad and didn't. I took some of the destruction of the tiles. Maybe we can post those on my blog. That was the fun part. :-) No more pepto-bismol bathroom! HA You conveniently got here right after the bathroom was finished...coincidence???? j/k
Love you