Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kentucky Pictures!

I love this picture. They were all taking turns pouring the cinnamon and stirring the sugar. It was so cute. They were are so patient and looking at each other when they wanted a turn. Mom was making her freakin awesome monkey bread cinnamon bunt thing. I want to have some right now!!! I thought I ate enough in KY to make me sick but I guess not :-)

When I come home Blake doesn't want me to take his picture and he makes a game out of it every time. This time I got him! He loves it.

The only thing I got to say is Eli is too sexy for his socks......

Blake was going fishing in the kitchen. We caught a shark and then told the shark to attack Mike and it did!

I can't remember what song it was that they were dancing to, but these boys were cuttin a rug. They were dancing, running, jumping and just having a good old time.

OK. I can't remember this song either but every time you put it on in the car Evan goes nuts!

.....I mean really nuts....

Look at that face! Those eyes!

Evan reached up and gave Melissa the sweetest hug and just wouldn't let go. It was so cute.

Evan taking pictures of me while I am taking pictures of him!

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melissa said...

That song that Evan loves is by DJ Magic Mike and I think it is called Listen to the Bass go BOOM. We get in the car and he will cry until I turn on Boom. He'll just keep pointing at the CD player saying Boom, Boom, Boom. It drives me a little nuts but it is so cute to watch him dance to it.

I love those pictures of the boys together. They play together really well. But even when they fight, it's still cute. Evan will say ELIIII of Baaake in this psycho voice. :-)

Love you