Friday, May 23, 2008

Second Book Shipment

You might be sick of hearing about the book, but we aren't! :-) We got the second shipment of Dusty's books in the mail yesterday and last night we packaged them and this morning shipped them out! We are fast :-) People were very anxious to get them and we didn't waste any time moving them out. Dusty definitely wasn't through the roof excited like he was last time but I could tell he was REALLY happy to have this experience again. He has been waiting (semi-patiently) to get these books shipped out so that he can start to hear what lots of people are saying. So far we have read wonderful comments all over the Internet. Also, 2 sellers and Amazon is selling his book. Here are a few more pictures.

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Anonymous said...

There's actually about 10 booksellers offering the book thus far, Amo. Not two. C'mon, don't sell me short here. :-)