Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kentucky Pictures! Fun at the Zoo!

Evan loved the train. I mean, loved it! I hadn't seen him so excited. He was all smiles the whole time....until it was over!

It was like he knew that he could stand up with the train wasn't moving. He sat in his seat the entire time but when it stopped he would stand up and jump up and down.

He was so good in his stroller just kickin it with us and looking at everything and taking it all in.

Look at that smile before the train came!

This was after the ride before he really knew we were leaving.

OK. I am catching up. There are a few posts here that I am doing tonight. I will do my London and Scotland pictures as soon as I can. There are just so much to sort through! Anyway, enjoy the ones below!

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melissa said...

We had sooo much fun that day. Seeing these pictures makes me a) think of big fat bees in my FACE and b) having so much fun with you when you were here. I miss you bunches.

Love you