Sunday, February 01, 2009

Who knew clipboards could be so cute!

So I have found a craft that I love to do. I thought that this was like new or something, but whatever. That goes to show you how low on the whole domestic-goddess totem pole I am :-)

I painted the regular-old clipboard and then let it dry and modge-podged the scrapbook paper onto it and then modge-podged the whole thing to seal the paint. Then I embellished it a bit with scrapbook stuff. It says menu on it and this is where I hang up our menus for the week. I don't know why I hate the question "what's for dinner?" - actually I do know why. My dad always asked mom that morning, noon and night and that used to get on all of our nerves. So now, Dusty can just look at whats for dinner. Plus it makes me get organized and helps with preparing the shopping list.

Anyway. I had a lot of fun making this and would totally make them again for gifts or for fun. It's time consuming but I loved the way it turned out. I actually use a clipboard to hang my running grocery list for the week inside of my pantry so I think I will make a cute one for that too!


Mauricio and Tiffany said...

OOh it did turn out so cute! I love it.

Lindsay and Eric Mitton said...

What a good idea!! I think I'm going to make one!

Dusty and Amy said...

just so you know this one is a legal size just so you can still see the bottom a little bit.