Sunday, February 01, 2009

Making Do and fixin' up

So Dusty and I have been slowly adding things to our home to make it nicer and just fixing up the place. We both had this attitude of "when we get a house we will...." and we just got tired of feeling like we didn't have nice things. Not even nice things but like nothing matched and the house just looked thrown together even when it was clean. So we have been adding a little here and there and even the SMALL things make a HUGE difference.

For my birthday Dusty got me a bakers rack for the kitchen. He had it delivered and ready for me when I got back from a trip I had taken this summer. I LOVED it. I think I have posted before that we are building kind of a rustic-country-homey-feel to our place. I loved this addition to our kitchen. We still have a LONG way to go before things are how we want them but I am grateful we have been able to do things like this to make it feel nicer.

So I have a bakers rack, a fruit basket holder I love, a nice wooden frame calendar a little apron that matches the hen curtains Dusty's momma gave me, a way nice iron rod cookbook holder, some Gooseberry Patch cookbooks (....if you don't have any, you need some; ESPECIALLY if you are from the south!!), that basket in the bottom rack is for my potatoes and we have a little red dish in the middle for the garlic and onions. I just love it!

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Anonymous said...

I love it! That would go perfect in my kitchen. It is so much fun decorating. I love to change my furniture around it makes everything feel so different.