Thursday, February 19, 2009

50 cent night at the dollar movies....

Let me just warn you. Be a big spender and go on ANY other night!!

So my friend Tiffany and I went to go see Twilight again last Monday night at the dollar movies. First of all it was packed! I didn't even know about the 1/2 off night but apparently EVERYONE else did. It was insane. Granted, it was a holiday but it was way late at night.

Anyway. We arrive just as the movie was starting and we couldn't find a seat. We find some seats off in the corner and asked the guy if they were saved. He shouted something to the affect of no they're not saved and we sat down. 30 seconds later Tiffany tells me that he stinks. I laugh and tell her we could move but then we thought that would be way rude so we stayed. I thought she was talkin bout BO stank but no, she was talking about drunk stank, mixed with pot and cigarettes and bad breath for sho.

A little into the movie I we totally see him ROLLING A JOINT and breakin out his vodka bottle. We get up to move and he jumps up and says, "Excuse me ladies. I'll be back after the movie." Whatever the H that is supposed to mean. But before he gets up to leave he totally lights up his joint and starts smokin it on the way out the door. He was all up in our space as he was trying to get out of the seats and I was about ready to take him out if he got too close.

Then we jump up and move up to the front and I would have almost liked to have taken the druggie instead. OK. I saw Twilight the first time with Dusty in KY and NO ONE LAUGHED AT THE WRONG PARTS. Like there are a few funny parts but not many and definitely not enough to make the entire theater laugh through the entire movie. I was getting so ticked. I came to the conclusion that the theater was full of 12-year-olds and Utah Mormons who have an entirely different sense of humor or are too young to understand the romance part of the story. Tiffany and I were about to jump up and tell everyone to shut up. It was the WEIRDEST theater experience of my life. I don't know, maybe everyone else had a second-hand buzz going on from the pot smoker in the back.

Next time I watch the movie it will be at home with people who appreciate the story, watching it with no drugs or alcohol, with rules that no one laughs unless I do, in the dark, of course with chocolate. :-)


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Angela said...

Thats crazy. Anna is totally the type to go to movies and just laugh in all the wrong places or talk all the way through it.