Monday, February 02, 2009

Staying In-Tune

God answers prayers in His time. He knows best. I know this and I believe it with all my heart. Today a small answer of sorts happened that brought an added sense of peace in our hearts at home and I am so thankful for that. Dusty had a prompting and was courageous enough and willing enough to follow through and it reaped good results.

As I thought about this tonight before I went to bed I was thinking about how important it is to stay in tune with the Lord. When the time is right for something He will let us know and give us gentle prompts and it's up to us to make them happen. Agency and Gospel learning at its finest :-) I love the learning process even though I kick and scream a lot of the way. I truly know that I wouldn't learn any other way and I am grateful for a loving and merciful Heavenly Father and Savior to provide a way for us to learn, grow, repent, receive help and be happy!

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Patty Sue Martin said...

I love your posts!! Thanks so much for sharing! You inspire me!!