Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Be A Johnny!


This video made me cry today. It's just what I needed. I have felt for the past little while like I am just floating around in life with no definite plan. I am working really hard to really solidify a vision for my life and what I want to do with it. Who I want to be remembered as. What will be my contribution to my family and the world? These are all very important questions that take you on a journey of discovery.

This video reminded me that no matter what part of the journey I am on in life, if I am a "Johnny" life will have meaning and purpose and my vision will unfold before my eyes. Johnny didn't treat the people he interacted with as customers or shoppers. He treated these people with enthusiasm, energy and he literally shared a part of his soul with these people everyday. In his own small, yet big, contribution Johnny touched the lives of those around him as he found what he could do best and did it with everything he had.

This is just the kind of picker-up I needed today to help keep things in perspective for me. Each of you that read this blog has SO much to offer this world. I see so many strengths ad talents in every one of you. We can all be "Johnny's" in our homes and communities. I know in many ways a lot of you already are. I love you all! Enjoy the video.

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