Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Go Dusty, It's Ya Berft-day! :-)

Imagine having a magazine that you are excited to get every month. You have read it faithfully for over 15 years!!! You know what's what in the industry and you have dreamed about being published in that same magazine since you were a boy.

Well, Dusty had a section posted in Reptiles Magazine about his book coming out! It was so cool to see his name and his book in print in a magazine he has read since he was a boy. We are so looking forward the thing actually coming out. Now we are probably looking to the first of March for the shipping of the books if all goes well! Bummer, but ya gotta take what you can get. We are still toying with the idea of heading out to Texas so he can do pre-sells and give his presentation.

Anyway, we were stoked about seeing this. To top it all off we got a email from the BYU newspaper and they are doing an article on Dusty and his book in the paper and they are interviewing him tomorrow. I am sending off another press release to a few more companies to see if we can get some more press. It's an exciting venture and I am very proud of Dusty!

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