Monday, February 18, 2008

Bath Time

OK. As you are probably all aware of my favorite things to do when I visit KY is to spend the night with Lissa and take a LONG hot bubble bath in her jet tub :-) Some people aren't bath takers but I love it. I think it stems from doing it so much growing up. When I had muscle soreness from dance or something I would take a bath as hot as I could get it and just lay there. I still do it. I love it!

I also used to drag in our radio into the bathroom and play soft music to help me relax. When I took showers I loved to have on some music that pumped me up for the day. I don't know what it is but I love music when I am taking a bath or shower.

This week being sick I have taken lots of long hot baths and I finally have a vertical CD player that Dusty attached to the wall for me so I could relax and enjoy music while I try and feel better! Now my bubble baths are complete! (or at least as complete as they can be without that garden tub....)

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