Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Long Time No Post...

I have had a crazy schedule lately and no time to blog. We got a new car finally and I will post pictures soon. They had total out my other car that I loved so much...sucky... It's a 03' Hyaundi Sonota and it's pretty slick looking and it has low miles.

As soon as we left the car lot Dusty made me/us go buy a couch set. I can't handle two big purchases in the same day. We sat on the couch in the store FOREVER and I was telling him all the reasons I felt we needed to wait (money...) and he was telling me all off the reasons why he was ignoring my reasons and going with his own (comfort).

Anyway, I love the couch set and I will post pictures of them too. It comes with a cool ottoman, table, storage thing...

I have to run cause I am just taking a break at work and I will post again soon.

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