Thursday, February 23, 2006

Brotherly Love

Yesterday Jeremy called and had Isaac start singing the alphabet to me. I can't believe he know the whole song!!! That is so amazing. Well, I was at work in the hallway and I had my phone on speaker and I had to rush out into the lobby because people were peeking out look at whose phone that was. I was talking to him and then Kayla got on the phone. After we were done talking I told Kayla to give her brother a big hug and a kiss from me because he did such a good job. Jeremy gets on the phone and says, "Do you hear that?" I heard Isaac in the background saying, "No, no, no." Miss Kayla was doing what I told her to do and was going to give her brother a hug and a kiss from me. The next thing I heard was two kids screaming and crying. Kayla had tried to hug and kiss Isaac for me and Isaac didn't want her to and popped her a good one.

I felt so bad for Kayla...but it was really funny too! I'll never ask her to do that again.