Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Yoga and Pilates Class Tonight

So, my legs are pretty much jelly right now. I know that they already were...so all of my brothers can please keep their comments to theirselves... Anyway, I had an awesome hardcore class tonight and I feel great. I was actually the only student that showed up so we had a one on one class. She saw how flexible I was an assumed that I was like Miss. Little Yoga and we did a hard-core yoga and pilates class and I was LOVIN' IT! I have only had a few yoga classes so it took a lot of getting used to the way that she talked and described things...I had to really concentrate hard not to laugh at some of things she was saying. It was like straight out of like SNL or something. I am a quick learner so I caught on fast and I can't wait to go back on Thursday IF my legs will work again by then.


Angela Stone said...

That rocks girl! Yeah my flexibility is shot right now but enjoy your class!!!!

Dusty Rhoads said...

Ever wondered who is that amazingly lucky guy somewhere out there that gets to spend Valentine's Day (and Valentine's Night!!) with the hottest girl in the world?
This year...it will be me. And next year? Me AGAIN! And the year after that? Well...sorry guys, but you get the idea.
I basically hit the Valentine's Day lottery...and it's a lifetime supply.

Dusty Rhoads said...

By the way...Happy Valentines Day, toots!