Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Singing Telegram

One of my Valentines present's from Dusty was a singing telegram. It was a young women's fundraiser and so he had them come to our house on V-day and sing to me. There were three girls and two of them just stared at the ground and sang really soft...I KNOW they did not want to be doing that. The other girl was way into it and was doing steps and arm motions and I was cracking up. They sang LOVE Was Made for You and Me...or whatever that song is called.

After they left I looked at Dusty and said, "Wow! That was weird." I didn't even realize that that was straight out of the movie Elf when Will Farrell shows up as a Chrstmasgram and the dad says, "Wow! That was weird."

And one of the girls had a FAT sign on her that said, "I am a singing telegram" and she looked so embarrassed. I am glad Dusty did it because it helps them get to camp and we are in a poor ward as it is. That was something that I definitely won't forget.

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