Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Message from a Proud Dad! (Jeremy)

A Milestone for the Logsdon's

We've been richly blessed most recently with the new addition of Jackson to our family, but perhaps yesterday could have been truly even a greater milestone. At dinner yesterday my two year old, Isaac, says to me, "Hey Dad - pull my finger". He then proceeds to let a real one rip with the greatest degree of concentration on his face. It was his first time actually pulling it off. Children really do bring joy into your life. Learning to walk, saying their ABC's, and finally now Isaac successfully have me pull his finger. What a great life I have.


Anonymous said...

To have a young man that has been able to obtain such a milestone before reaching the tender age of 3 is of great significance! I only hope that Blake and Jackson will be able to follow in Isaac's footsteps. The gift of flatulence has been passed down from father to son for many generations in our family and I am surely hoping that Michael has passed the same talent down to his son so that our little Blake can rip one with the best of them as well! Extremely well done boys, you have made your mother proud.
One proud mother in KY.

Starr Logsdon

Mike said...

In all fairness, Isaac could not have possibly got that from his father. If he would have crapped his pants, then I would go for it. But since it was a fart, we really have to look elsewhere like his mother or even an uncle. Blake is well on his way to farting with the best of them. He is already lifting his leg and laughing. He can really let em rip, and each time it brings a tear to my eye.

Jeremy, I would check Isaac's diaper to see if he left streaks. If he did, Great Job! If not, we'll have to thank someone else.


Angela Stone said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Even more to the loving comments from family than the original post! Tyler even started laughing because I was laughing so hard and loud. My husband works in the nursary at church and loves hearing stories from the kids who can talk. One little girl loves to tell about how whenever she pulls her dad's finger he farts so good job kiddo!