Tuesday, February 28, 2006

R.I.P. to our snake

We had a snake die today. Dusty took him to the vet because his head was swollen. They thought it ws an infection and that fluid needed to be drained from his head. When they went it, they couldn't find anything wrong. When Dusty went to pick him up today, he had just died. They are going to do a (necropsy) basically an autopsy to see what was wrong with it. Please keep your fingers crossed that it is not anything contagious that would infect the other snakes.


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Angela Stone said...

Ok, I'm sorry I'm not always the most sensitive...Granted Amo, you're not either...but at first I was thinking that's great, one less out there to kill me in the middle of the night. Then the thought of "what? an autopsy for a snake?" But then I remind myself of Dusty's love for these slithering things and my heart softens (a little). Then I try not to think about how happy I would be if all Reed's snakes (not that he is ever allowed to have any) got infected with some contagin and died...because Dusty loves these creatures and they are his business...Ok trying, really trying to be supportive here ;)