Monday, January 02, 2006

Book of Mormon Challenge!

I am glad to say that I finished the Book of Mormon before the year was out. I thought it would never happen, but it did! I actually read it twice this year which is amazing to even think about for me!

Dusty bought me 100 Day Calendar of Study for the Book of Mormon and it is the coolest thing. It helps you get on a reading schedule among many other things. Take a look at what it looks like. I am just starting to use it. You can use it for yourself or with your family.


Dusty Rhoads said...

Your hair looked great today.

Dusty Rhoads said...

Good news.
You've converted Tracy and she bought the book "The Peacegiver" because of your testimony that you wrote on your blog.
She really likes it!
She told me to tell you that.
Bye baby.
p.s. She puked while I was on the phone with her! Gross!!!

Mike said...

Have you ever read the real story of Hulk Hogan. Great read!