Sunday, January 15, 2006

Graduation Day!!

Since I am on a roll posting pictures, I thought I would post some graduations pictures. It was one of the best days of my life!!

I posted this pic with the purse because I was getting ready for graduation at Jeremy and Chauntel's house and Makayla was with me as usual asking me to put makeup and lipstick on her. I was running late (go figure) and I needed a small purse to keep a few things in under my graduation gown. I told Makayla to go ask mommy if she had a small purse that I could use to put a few things in. She looked at me with a face that told me she was thinking really hard and siad, "Hold on Amy, I have just the thing." She went into her room dug around a little bit and came back with this Christmas purse and said, "Here ya go. You can borrow this. Is this small enough? I don't mind if you use it. OK. " She was so serious and just precious when she was talking to me, how could I resist? It made for some interesting conversation during graduation too! Plus I had a little piece of grammy with me cause grammy gave her that purse!

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