Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My Little Black Cloud...

Well, as you all know I have been dealing with a bunch of crap after the car wreck and all that jazz. Then my brand new laptop crashed and I had to get a new hard drive, now I am in a rental car that my work has so graciously provided for me and some one hit the rental car today!! I was really mad at first but then I realized that there was a note on the windshield and I realized how lucky I was that some one left a note. Otherwise, I would have had to shell out another $500 deductible. I called her and she was really apologectic and she has to pay out of pocket for it so I am trying to make it pleasent for everyone.

My mom told me that I need to pass the test so I won't have to retake it. (in reference to all of the trials that I have going on lately) That really hit home to me. I have thought about that a lot and that statement has helped me CTR a lot more lately, think kinder thoughts and try a little harder in everything I do. It has also helped me recognize that through my trials other people are being blessed as they offer their services to help me in so many different ways.

Thanks momma for never missing a teaching moment!! That is exactly how I hope I can be with my children. I love you bigger than the sky!


Nathan said...

Do they have Ticket To Ride out there? It might be a wise idea to invest in. The only draw back would be waiting on the times but at least your in a small van that only seats 10 and not a bus that seats 50!! You could get to know a lot of nice people in your neighborhood. Well at least your okay. Have a good day!

Nate's "Tip of the Day"

When parking at the grocery, park further out to reduce chances of accidents, you may have to walk a little farther but you car will always be safe.

Angela Stone said...

Dang girl! You have worse luck with cars than I do! I always knew you had a good momma though...keep listening to her!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy's tip of the day
"Don't ever stick your finger in a pencil sharpener. If you do, try to get it out real fast."