Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My mother...

I realize more and more why we probably had so much fun growing up. My mother. Sure dad was there to play with us, always had the video camera out, teaching us stuff, playing sports and all kinds of things, but mom just knows how to party ya know?

She is a little nuts so that might account for some of it, but I think the whole having 5 kids one right after the other just sent her over the edge. :-) LOVE YOU MOM

I catch myself saying, "I get that from my mother." a lot!!! I realized the other day that that's not entirely a good thing. haha She passed on MANY fabulous and amazing qualities but this is not a blog post about those. :-)

She love to play jokes, tell jokes, scare people, be witty, laugh, she can cut a rug and cut the cheese....sorry mom. HAHAHA Seriously she is just always the life of the party and people love to be around her.

Recently she and my brother Mike have been warring with each other playing jokes on one another and trash talkin. The other day when he came over in his dress clothes she took a huge water gun and soaked him right there in the living room. Oh, but it wasn't over then. She then proceeded to have my other brother, Jason of course, drive her to Mike's house at midnight so she could write LOVE MOM all over his windshield with green apple shampoo. She was contemplating Vaseline so he got off easy.

This is the picture she went home and emailed (complete with trash talk) to Mike after the fact.....The Green Apple Got'cha Caper

Yes, she's crazy but that's why I love her!!

It's OK if you don't know what to say.....

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Anonymous said...

Where is the proof? There is no picture of me being wet nor is there pictures of my car from this alleged incident.

Mom is a pathelogical liar.

By the way, thanks for telling me Jason helped. J, you are now on my list.