Friday, June 12, 2009

13 Weeks 5 Days

This week has been overall great. I still don't feel "great" when I feel great but I'll take it :-) Working full time sure is hard right now cause everything in me wants to just curl up and take a nap at around 3 pm. So, I go for a walk, call someone or do something at around 3 everyday.

I have been able to eat more which makes me happy. Dusty is great about giving me quick little massages throughout the day or at night when he is home. My tailbone makes it to where I can't stand up for long and sometimes I just have to catch myself from falling. It just slips of socket and I feel like I am 90 years old. I am really scared about adding 20+ pounds of pressure to my tailbone. I just hope my little body is up for the task.

I have been terrible with working out. Between dizziness, tailbone, fatigue and nausea working out just hasn't been on the list. I have been walking but I don't count that as real exercise. Maybe I should; I would feel a lot better.

Nothing else to report. It was so much fun getting to spread the word about being pregnant and hearing from SO many people! This baby already has so many people that are excited to see it come to earth. I REALLY REALLY hope I can find out the sex of the baby on my next visit so I can actually refer to it as a he or she and then eventually an actual name! I catch myself saying "it" and I hate that. AND so I can tell Marcie so she can get to work on my shower ;-)

This will definitely be the BEST Christmas EVER!!!


Anonymous said...

We're excited for you both. So you can take your own kid to Target and have "it" throw a tantrum and you won't be able to come home and "deliver" it to us and tell us how rotten our kid is and then have us laugh at you. That was great.

Dusty and Amy said...

Dusty and I still talk about that. I was a little melodramatic and definitely not ready for parenthood at that point! HAHA I remember SO MUCH DETAIL about that night. She really was throwing one tantrum after the other but I delivered her to you guys as quickly as possible!