Wednesday, June 03, 2009

12 Weeks

I have one word for you: PAPER.

I have decided to go against the "waste not" conservationist in me and buy paper plates and bowls to help get us through the coming weeks. Dishes make me sick(er). Cooking is almost non-existent yet dishes pile up despite my not cooking. I don't know how it works but there ya go. With Dusty being gone all day and night (like till 11 pm or later) at school and me being unmotivated and feeling sick my nights have been pretty lame. I have made the realization that once I just get up and start doing something that I feel better, but it's the whole getting started part that feels so hard. I sit down often and my headaches are ridiculously painful.

Despite my headaches I think all of my relatives are sick of hearing from me. I make lots of phone calls right now. My sister is probably going to change her number. Good thing she really loves me. <3

**Neighbors beware** I just might knock on your door to hang out or stroll on over right about supper time to see what you cooked and then invite myself in :-) Just (kind of) kidding. One friend has brought over a few snacks on 2 different occasions and I can't tell you how happy that makes me. Nothing sounds good to eat, I don't feel like cooking but when I start to eat I feel better. It always just tastes better when someone else makes it, doesn't it?

I haven't really gained any weight maybe one or two pounds but I can't button my pants! (My brother asked me what was different than before I was pregnant. Yeah, I feel the love.) It is a weird sensation to know you are about the same weight but your clothes are starting not to fit. One of the best investments so far has been one of those Tummy Sleeves or Bella Bands. LOVE THEM!!

All in all things are good. Different but good. This is a beginning of a new chapter and something for Dusty and I to get used to and ease into. I am so excited to meet this little sweet child of mine! (OK. Who else starting singing Gun's N Roses after that??)

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Angela said...

You're not a slacker. When I was preg with Tyler Reed used every single dish we owned even opening up the extra case of dishes in the storage room so he wouldn't have to wash anything. I didn't eat or cook or go in the kitchen. We finally bribed my sister to come do the dishes. Paper plates are totally worth it.

Oh, and I could sort of eat but I couldn't prepare or think about it. So going to the neighbors makes total sense.