Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Caring People

Some of you know how much I have loved my doctor. I have dealt with hypothyroidism and she has helped me through so much. She has call me on weekends, in the evenings, before hours and ALWAYS listens to me and makes sure she understands me before she does anything. She has been the absolute best doctor I have ever had. She is even my friend. Well in January I had to switch insurance companies and she was no longer a network doctor!! SO BUMMED! But I called her office anyway and asked to speak with her. I was out of meds and needed her to call in a subscription while I found a new doc interim. When I told her I couldn't come see her anymore she was bummed too. She gave me her personal cell number and told me to call her any time and she would help me find another doctor that I liked.

Well I had a few kind of emergency medical questions and called her cell to see if she would help me find a new doc ASAP. She spoke with me for 40 minutes at 9pm and told me to call her back and keep her updated on my situation. I mean, seriously, what kind of doctor does this?! She has gone out of her way because she cares so many times. I am sure she has touched a lot of people's lives. I am not going to take advantage of that but its nice to know that she is there and truly cares.

I am grateful for caring people and people who are so ready and willing to impart wisdom, experience and helpful advice. I mean as a professional her time is valuable and can bill for that kind of consultation but she is just a kind person wanting to help. I am grateful for her and lots of others out there who inspire me to be a better person and be more giving.


Angela said...

She sounds amazing! I'm so glad you have her in your life!

Melinda said...

Found you!! :)

Patty Sue Martin said...

What an amazing doctor I am glad that you could have her!!